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Singles Holidays in Austria -arrive and revive

As the Austrian Tourist Information office says “Arrive and Revive”. The small country that is Austria, found in the heart of Europe, has a wealth of treasures to offer all travellers.

Whether it’s the culture and exploration of a city break, outdoor activities for all seasons to entertain and enliven or delicious delicacies enjoyed by tourists and locals alike.

The Austrian Alps are perfect for biking, hiking, natural beauty and glorious scenery, while the Lake District is ideal for water sports. Vienna and Salzburg are 2 idyllic cities for a getaway break visiting museums, marvelling at magnificent architecture or just eating Wiener Schnitzel, Apfelstrudel and chocolate! Come and see why all these ingredients provide a memorable unforgettable experience.

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Austrian Alps - Austria

Departures from 07 June

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Bad Hofgastein - Austria

Departures from 03 January

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Westendorf - Austria

Departures from 30 January

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