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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

The words of Mark Twain perfectly summarise what Solos Discovery Tours are about; getting out there and experiencing the world. Let’s be honest, we all have a list of places that we dream of travelling to, be they the far flung, exotic destinations of Asia and the Americas or a little closer to home in Europe and North Africa, the chances are that you’ll find at least one of your destinations in our Discovery Tours.

Our range of holidays is as diverse as the countries we visit. Whether you fancy something a little off the beaten track, a trip back to times of Emperors and Gods, breathtaking scenery, game drives or sprawling modern metropolises, whatever your preference, we have it all and sometimes all in one trip.

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Discovery Tours

A China Experience - China

Departures from 14 November

From £2,185

A China Experience with Hong Kong Extension - China

Departures from 28 February

From £2,885

Adventure on the Nile - Egypt

Departures from 09 February

From £1,169

America's East Coast - USA

Departures from 26 June

From £3,225

Austrian Lakes & Lake Bled - Austria

Departures from 16 May

From £1,319

Awesome Alaska - USA

Departures from 23 August

From £4,999

Beautiful Bali - Indonesia

Departures from 17 May

From £1,789

Cuban Cocktail - Cuba

Departures from 02 March

From £1,819

Ecuador & Galapagos Islands - Ecuador

Departures from 22 February

From £4,329

Enchanting Indochina - Vietnam

Departures from 28 March

From £3,359

Imperial Cities - Czech Republic

Departures from 02 May

From £1,289

Italian Riviera - Italy

Departures from 14 May

From £739

Italian Style - Italy

Departures from 05 June

From £779

Land of the Fjords - Norway

Departures from 04 July

From £1,719

Legendary Trains of Switzerland - Switzerland

Departures from 18 May

From £1,129

Malaysian Gems - Malaysia

Departures from 18 March

From £2,629

Miami, the Everglades & Key West - USA

Departures from 06 May

From £2,949

Orlando - Florida - USA

Departures from 09 May

From £1,799

South African Safari - South Africa

Departures from 13 June

From £2,099

Spices of Africa - Tanzania

Departures from 18 April

From £2,429

Sri Lankan Highlights - Sri Lanka

Departures from 02 February

From £2,599

The Azores - Portugal

Departures from 18 April

From £1,929

The Land of the Rising Sun - Japan

Departures from 15 May

From £3,959

Treasures of Tuscany - Italy

Departures from 09 May

From £799

Tulip Time River Cruise Ama Lyra - Netherlands

Departures from 24 March

From £1,575

Tulip Time River Cruise Ama Sonata - Netherlands

Departures from 25 March

From £1,595

Verona Opera - Italy

Departures from 06 July

From £919