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Singles holidays to Morocco

Welcoming us to its border, Morocco is unmistakably the beginning of the African frontier, leaving from Europe one can see one of the most pronounced changes in such a short distance. Morocco offers the full vibrancy of traditional North African and Islamic cultures, with colourful, bright and busy markets sprinkling the towns and cities across the length and breadth of the country. 

From Casablanca to Tangier, Morocco has a real sense of romance, adventure and the exotic, such as camel rides and nights in the desert, as well as eating traditional cuisine under a blanket of stars. Unwind in this intoxicating country where the modern blends seamlessly with the traditional, providing the flexibility for us to immerse ourselves as we explore the wonders Morocco has to offer.


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Agadir - Morocco

Departures from 02 March

From £1,199

Agadir - Summer 14 - Morocco

Departures from 09 October

From £769

Agadir - Winter 14/15 - Morocco

Departures from 27 November

From £769

Marrakech - Christmas or New Year - Morocco

Departures from 23 December

From £589

Marrakech - Morocco

Departures from 06 March

From £619

Marrakech & The Atlas Mountains - Morocco

Departures from 13 October

From £1,109

Morocco - Morocco

Departures from 23 December

From £899

Morocco by Road and Rail - Morocco

Departures from 04 October

From £1,229