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Whether it’s playing with new friends and enjoying the occasional game, or wanting to be competitive with other proficient players, why not join us for a tennis break?

To enable you to find the right standard of holiday, we categorise the breaks as follows:


These weeks are for anyone who knows the basics well enough to play in doubles matches.

Intermediate to Advanced

These tennis weeks are designed for competent players of intermediate level and above.

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Corfu - Greek Islands

Departures from 29 September

From £1,019

Devon - UK Short Breaks

Departures from 21 November

From £205

Hampshire - UK Short Breaks

Departures from 20 March

From £255

Letoonia - Turkey

Departures from 13 October

From £769

Morocco - Morocco

Departures from 23 December

From £899

Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt

Departures from 11 November

From £999