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From the UK, throughout Europe across to the USA, we offer a wide range of walks, treks and rambles across the UK and worldwide at different grades.

Easy to Medium

The walks vary in length from an average of 7km to 18km (4.3-11 miles), mostly on good paths and occasionally rough underfoot.


The walks average 13km (8 miles) or more, occasionally over rugged terrain. There will be significant ascents and descents, and you should have rambled before.

Medium to Difficult

The walks may vary in length greatly, but importantly the going may be rough underfoot, in often mountainous terrain, and there will be significant ascents and descents, often at high altitude.

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Walks & Treks

A Taste of Catalonia - Spain

Departures from 13 June

From £1,199

Alpujarras - Spain

Departures from 02 November

From £889

Crete Trails & Tavernas - Greek Islands

Departures from 12 May

From £929

Dalmatian Riviera - Croatia

Departures from 16 May

From £829

Durrell Trails & Sea Walks - Greek Islands

Departures from 11 May

From £1,119

Eastern Algarve - Portugal

Departures from 09 November

From £899

Gran Canaria - Canary Islands

Departures from 06 December

From £1,129

Lycian Rambling - Turkey

Departures from 04 May

From £675

Madeira - Portugal

Departures from 22 December

From £1,429

Madonna di Campiglio - Italy

Departures from 05 July

From £1,059

Menorcan Coastal Trails - Balearic Islands

Departures from 27 March

From £999

North Cyprus - North Cyprus

Departures from 09 November

From £625

Swiss Mountains - Switzerland

Departures from 18 July

From £1,159

Tuscan Trails - Italy

Departures from 26 April

From £939

Zakynthos Trails - Greek Islands

Departures from 03 May

From £769