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We know that a hotel can make or break a holiday. We also know that the best hotels are the ones that stick in your memory - and for a good reason. So rest your head somewhere you'll remember and check out our list of quirky hotels from around the world.

1) Rancho de la Osa, Arizona

A stay at this historic ranch hotel is like stepping back in time. Famous for housing US presidents, Hollywood stars and celebrated authors, Rancho de la Osa draws in history fanatics from all around. Here you can relax in a room where Franklin Roosevelt once stayed, or sleep in a suite frequented by Gone with the Wind author, Margaret Mitchell. If you're a film buff, you can even rest your head in the hotel's ever-popular Victor Fleming Screening Room, where one of the world's most famous filmmakers - the director of The Wizard of Oz - once stayed!

Join us on our USA Ranch Adventure trip and stay here.


2) Hotel Antica Dimora alla Rocca, Italy

Dating all the way back to 1650, this historical hotel is one of Umbria's finest. Formerly the home of the aristocratic Valenti family, Hotel Antica Dimora alla Rocca oozes elegance, antiquity and style. It's location stands out from the crowd too. Sitting atop the medieval hilltop town of Trevi, a stay here gives you unparalleled views of the rolling hills and olive trees below.

Join us on our Trails and Truffles trip and stay here.


3) 1000 Nights Camp, Oman

Whoever said camping can't be luxurious clearly hasn't stayed in 1000 Nights Camp. Here, you can sleep underneath the stars in the heart of Oman's beautiful Wahiba Sands, and wake up to the sun rising over the golden sand dunes. Even better - the camp's traditional Bedouin tents have an open view to the star-stricken sky above, and even come with attached toilets, showers, electric lamps and charging plugs. This way, you enjoy the rusticity of camping, with the luxury of a bricks and mortar hotel!

Join us on our Discovery tour to Oman and stay here.


4) Junk Boat, Halong Bay

It doesn't get much better than drifting to sleep amid the jagged limestone peaks of Vietnam's sensational Halong Bay. This UNESCO World Heritage Site isn't at the top of tourists' travel lists for nothing. So set sail on a traditional junk boat and soak up the dramatic landscape - all while enjoying delicious meals cooked by the friendly crew on board the boat.

Join us on our Discovery tour to Indochina and stay here.

Why Vietnam is the perfect place to escape to this winter


5) Desert Homestead, Namibia 

If you like feeling at one with nature, you'll love Desert Homestead's rustic but luxuriously decorated thatched chalets. Sheltered by the Nubib, Tsaris and Nuaklufy mountains and surrounded by breath-taking views of the Namib Desert, this charming hotel serves up farm-style food using vegetables grown in their very own desert gardens.

Join us on our Discovery tour to Namibia and stay here.


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