The best group holidays are ski holidays. But if it's your first time snapping into a pair of skis, the prospect of taking to the slopes with just two poles to slow you down can be quite daunting. To calm your nerves, we've made a list of some top tips to help you prepare for your first group ski holiday. You can thank us later!


1). Start slow

If you've seen Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason you'll understand why it's a good idea to start slow when it comes to skiing - especially on a group ski holiday. Ski runs generally come in four colours: Green, Blue, Red and Black. As a complete beginner you'll want to stick the blue and green squiggly lines on your piste map, before hurtling down the steeper Red and Black slopes.


2) Choose the right ski resort

While most ski resorts have enough Green and Blue runs to keep any beginner happy, there's no denying that some resorts are more catered towards beginners than others. Make sure you check the percentage of beginner runs before you book, so you don't find yourself surrounded by Red and Black slopes and little else!

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3) Let your group know that you're a beginner

Whether you're going on a group ski holiday with expert skiers or nervous beginners like yourself, you should always let the group know that it's your first time on the slopes. This way, you can group up with other first-timers to learn - and fall over - together!


4) The more layers the better

When it comes to ski wear, more is definitely more. Make sure you wear thermals, a warm mid-layer, a neck-warmer, thick ski gloves, woolly socks - and needless to say, a good ski coat, trousers or salopettes! If you get hot, you can always remove layers and put them in a backpack or wrap them around your waist. And don't forget to layer up on high factor sun-cream. The climate may be cold, but the sun at high altitude is fierce!


5) It's all about the confidence

The worst thing you can do when skiing is fear the slopes. There's no doubt about it: confidence will help you learn far quicker, and will make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable. Don't be afraid to fall over, it happens to everyone whether you like it or not! But, if you really are worried about injuring yourself, wear a helmet and some protective padding.


6) Get some exercise in beforehand

It may not look it but skiing can be hard work, especially if you're not used to being on your feet all day. In the weeks leading up to your group ski holiday, try to fit in some exercise to help prepare your legs and lower body for the slopes.


7) Practice on a dry slope or indoor ski slope

Practice makes perfect, and luckily there's a way of practicing your technique before you even board the plane. Taking a day or two to visit an indoor ski slope or dry slope is a great way to build your confidence before your first group ski holiday. At Solos, we offer a selection of ski taster days and weekends perfect for beginners and first-timers which give you the chance to learn the basics in a 2-hour group lesson.

At Solos, we have a wide variety of ski holidays all over Europe that are perfect for beginners and first-time skiers. You can find out more about our ski taster sessions and browse our full selection of group ski holidays here.


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