Solo travel has sky-rocketed in recent years. While once it was seen as a risky, daunting and often lonely affair, travelling alone has now become the trendiest and most fulfilling way of seeing the world. Still not sure? Read on to find out how solo travel can enrich your life!

1) You'll learn more about yourself

Whatever your age or background, there's always something more to learn about yourself.

There's nothing like a spot of solo travel to help you on your journey of self-discovery. 'Finding yourself' is a cliche often associated with travelling alone, and while it may not lead to a "Eureka!" moment of self-realisation, solo travel can certainly help you discover new passions, hobbies and skills. 

Always wanted to try skiing but never had a person to go with? Now's your chance! Book a solo ski holiday and learn the ropes with other beginners.

Solo traveller taking a photograph on his camera 


2) You'll make friends easier

Travelling with a group of friends or family generally means you're less likely to venture out of your close-knit circle to meet new potential friends or travel buddies.

When you're on your own, making friends with fellow travellers - single or not - will happen so naturally you won't even need to think about it! Friendships are often formed through shared commonalities: if you're travelling with a group of first-time solo travellers, you already have something in common!

Group of solo travellers on a walking holiday 


3) You'll feel braver and more independent

Travelling solo can be a scary prospect. What if something happens - who will you run to for help? Won't you be vulnerable on your own?

Choosing to travel solo, but with a group of other independent travellers, is the answer to your worries. Not only will you combat your fears, but you'll realise - in a safe environment - that travelling without a friend, partner or family member isn't so scary after all. You'll join a community of solo travellers who are all in the same boat, and you'll return home feeling all the better (and braver) for it!

Group of solo travellers in the Grand Canyon 


4) You're free to do what you want

One of the best things about travelling independently is that you're not tied to the wants and needs of the people you usually travel with.

Does your partner like to spend holidays lounging by the beach, while you prefer to get out and explore? Travelling alone eradicates these conflicts of interest and grants you ultimate freedom to do exactly what you want, and nothing else. There's no feeling quite like it; leave your hotel and see where your feet take you.

 Solo traveller taking a photgraph of the scenery


5) You'll become part of a friendly travel community

With Solos, travelling solo invites you into a friendly travel community where you can share your experiences with fellow like-minded single travellers. 

From the very first moment you meet your Tour Leader at the airport or your hotel, to your final wave goodbye to your new-found friends, our holidays create a warm, welcoming environment where you’ll immediately feel comfortable and at home.

Group of friendly solo travellers waving at the camera

Whether you've travelled alone before, or are thinking of booking a Solos holiday with us for the first time, our friendly forum is a great way of calming those nerves before your holiday. Meet people who'll be on your trip, ask any questions you may have and get excited about your holiday together!


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