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Egypt has long been an explorer’s paradise, but it's also a place where discovery and downtime live side-by-side. Whether your ideal vacation involves relaxing in the sun or soaking up 3,000 years of history, read on to discover why Egypt should be next on your radar!

You can explore - and unwind - on a Nile Cruise

There truly is no finer way to experience Egypt than by drifting down the Nile, soaking up the sights and sounds of a livelihood that continues to flourish by the riverside.

Floating past Luxor’s Valley of the Kings, the ancient city of Aswan and the mighty temples of Edfu, Esna and Kôm Ombo, a Nile Cruise lets you sit back as Egypt’s treasures land at your feet!

Join us on a Nile Cruise



You can sunbathe, swim and snorkel to your heart's content

Without a doubt, the Red Sea is one of the best snorkelling spots in the world. Protected from the ocean currents, the water here is calm, warm and home to a flourishing underwater civilisation of colourful coral and fish, rays and even turtles!

Hurghada, the capital of the Red Sea Riviera, is one of the best places to experience this. A long, sandy beach, irresistibly azure waters and bars and restaurants galore have made this bustling town a popular hotspot for tourists looking for a beach holiday outside of Europe.

See below the surface from the safety of a glass submarine or dive straight in with your snorkel; how you explore this fascinating underwater world is up to you.

Join us on a Sun holiday to Hurghada


There's buckets of history waiting to be uncovered

It would be difficult to believe that ancient Egypt’s civilization lasted for over 3,000 years without the vast amount of historical monuments that recount this long tale. From the legendary Pyramids of Giza to Luxor’s Temple and Valley of the Kings, Egypt is a fascinating open air-museum that never fails to amaze.

Don't miss the Valley of the Kings - the burial ground for pharaohs such as Tutankhamun - and Luxor Temple, which was once the largest and most significant religious centre in the whole of ancient Egypt.

After exploring Luxor, the next spot on your map should be Aswan - a town where daily life is almost wholly centred around the river. Feluccas sail the surface as elegantly as swans, peacefully navigating their way around lush, sprouting islands and granite boulders.

While the temples, tombs and museums are the town’s main attractions, its bustling markets and slow pace of life can keep you here for days!


Experience the beauty and rich diversity of Egypt for yourself, and browse our selection of singles holidays to Egypt. 


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