Skiing is the ultimate group holiday. Nothing beats the feeling of cold air on your face as you whip down the slopes against a beautiful backdrop of snow-capped mountains. If you haven't already tried a group ski holiday, here are all the reasons why you should make it a priority this winter.

You can get fit - while having fun!

The best type of exercise is the type you do without even realising - and skiing is exactly that. Research has shown that downhill skiing is roughly similar cycling or rowing workouts, and can help you burn up to 400 calories in an hour!

Your legs may feel stiff as a rod on your flight home, but as you're tearing down the slopes with the wind whipping in your hair, we promise you'll barely notice the good you're doing for your body.

Woman skiing down a mountain of snow


It's a great way to make friends

Skiing was made for group holidays. There truly is no better way to bond with someone than to fall over together - and on top of each other - time and time again.

Have a laugh, make fun of yourselves, and discuss your best and worst moments afterwards over a warm mulled wine and a mountain of cheese.

Group of skiers on a group ski holiday

You'll enjoy amazing food and drink

There's no denying that the food and drink in mountain restaurants and chalets is divine. From creamy Gratin Dauphinois and vintage cheese fondue to a succulent beef stew washed down with hot apple cider; mountain cuisine is enough to make anyone salivate.

And, if you ski hard all day, you can convince yourself that you earned that ridiculously indulgent meal you consumed at lunch. Almost!

Woman admiring the mountain scenery from a ski chalet 


The scenery is some of the best you'll ever see

When it comes to scenery, a breathtaking backdrop of mountains iced in snow is hard to beat. Add to this a shockingly bright blue sky and rows of adorable thatched chalets, and you have a winning combination.

And the best thing about skiing scenery is that it follows you wherever you go.

Skiers admiring the beautiful mountainous scenery


The adrenaline-rush is unbeatable

Calling all adrenaline-junkies! If you're always looking for your next adrenaline fix, skiing is a sure-fire way to get your pulse racing. Whether it's speeding down a Black slope or flying off snow moguls, you can be as daring as you want.

Many people also find skiing to be a great stress-reliever, and leave the slopes every day with a happy glow.

 Skiers skiing down a mountain slope


It's impossible to get bored

Every ski resort has more than enough pistes to keep any skier happy. And of course, skiing isn't all you can do. If you need to give your legs a rest, you can explore nearby towns and villages, make the most of your resort's bars, restaurants and cafes, or try your hand at snowshoeing, sledding and tobogganing.

Best ski resorts in Europe for beginners

Tips for first time skiers on a group ski holiday

Friends on a toboggan in the snow

Whether you're a nervous novice, a practiced intermediate or an expert on the slopes, throw yourself into one of our group ski holidays for solo travellers this winter. Our full selection is available to view on our website; we have ski holidays to suit every skill level!


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