Searching for some inspiration for your next solo adventure? Kick back with a bowl of popcorn and our favourite travel movies, and let the travel bug take over!

1) Eat Pray Love

It's impossible to watch Julia Roberts gorging on pizza in Rome and cycling past glistening paddy fields in Bali without aching for your very own solo adventure.

Eat Pray Love is an autobiographical tale of one woman's search for meaning. After divorcing her husband and leaving her lover behind, Liz Gilbert sells her house, gives up all her belongings and decides to spend 4 months in Italy, India and Indonesia on a year-long journey of self-discovery that paves the way for love and friendship along the way.

It's pure coincidence that all the countries Liz travels to begin with 'I', and yet this perfectly summarises the intention behind her journey!

Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love film


2) Wild

Wild  tells the story of one woman's incredible journey along the Pacific Crest Trail - a 2,650 mile walking route that starts in southern California and finishes at the Canadian border.

Played by Reese Witherspoon, Cheryl takes on the challenge in an effort to move on from the loss of her mother and her marriage. It's desperately moving in parts, but incredibly inspirational for anyone searching for a new lease of life after losing a loved one.

Reese Witherspoon in Wild film 


3) The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Why spend your senior years in the UK when you can retire in beautiful India? This is the story behind The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel  - a colourful, feel-good film about love, loss and new beginnings - and how they're possible at any age.

Starring Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Maggie Smith and Celie Imrie, this is a film that will leave you with severely itchy feet and a positive attitude about the future.

Who knows, you might even be compelled to book a one-way ticket to India too!

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel film in India 


4) Edie

Edie, an 83-year-old widow desperate for an adventure, proves how it really is never too late to fulfil a life-long dream.

After the death of her controlling husband, she packs an old camping bag and embarks on a solo adventure she never got to have - climbing the magnificent Mount Suilven in Scotland!

It's a heart-warming tale of unlikely friendships and new-found independence against a beautiful backdrop of the Scottish highlands - what's not to love?

Edie film in the Scottish Highlands 


5) The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Not all great adventures are dappled with sunshine. It may look chilly, but the on-screen scenery in this fantastic comedy-drama is enough to make anyone pack their gloves and set their compass North.

After spending day after monotonous day developing photos for a magazine publication and fantasising about a parallel life, Walter Mitty (played by Ben Stiller) finally gets the opportunity of a lifetime.

Sent on a solo mission to track down the missing photo that's destined to be on the cover of the final issue, Walter's global adventure takes him through Greenland, Iceland, Yemen and the Afghanistan Himalayas. 

 Ben Stiller in the Secret Life of Walter Mitty film


6) The Beach

Based on the brilliant book by Alex Garland, this film will call out to anyone who's forever in search of their 'perfect beach'.

When Leonardo DiCaprio's character Richard decides to backpack around Thailand, he has no idea how what he discovers there will change his life forever.

A thrilling tale about the pursuit of utopia and trouble in paradise, this film's beautiful location famously inspired thousands of people to travel to Thailand and visit the very same beach where it was filmed.

Leonardo DiCaprio in The Beach film 


7) Into the Wild 

Considered by many to be one of the best travel films of the 21st century, Into The Wild follows the true life story of American adventurer Christopher McCandless, who abandoned his privileged life after graduation to travel across America and hike in Alaska.

Giving away all his possessions and donating his money to charity, Christopher's story is one of rebellion, freedom and friendship; you never know how people you meet on your travels will change and shape your life, and this is a message that's ever-present throughout this moving film!

Unexpected ways solo travel can enrich your life
Is solo travel lonely?

 Into the Wild film

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