River cruises are emerging as one of the easiest and most fulfilling ways of seeing a destination. But what makes river cruising special, and why should you choose one for your next holiday abroad?

1) Travel into the beating heart of a destination

River cruise ships have the unique ability of gliding effortlessly into the centre of all the action, while having little impact on the environment or waters they're in.

Sit back as you're taken into the hustle and bustle of the world's most beautiful cities, while relaxing from a sun deck with your favourite cocktail in hand.

River cruise ship in the Mediterranean


2) Enjoy an intimate experience on-board

It's no secret that sharing your holiday with a smaller group of people will - literally - bring you all closer together!

While cruises on large ships can accommodate thousands of passengers, river cruise ships will hold only a few hundred at most, making it much easier to bond with your fellow cruisers. Get to know your barman and chat to that fellow solo cruiser you keep bumping into at breakfast; a river cruise is made for making friends. 


3) Reach places other ships can't

They say to experience a destination in its most authentic form, you need to explore the parts no-one else visits. By sailing down the narrow rivers and waterways of cities and towns, a river cruise will do just that, taking you through hidden places larger cruise ships can't.

Uncover the secrets of cultures who live by the waterside, witness local life and admire the panoramic scenery from a perspective not accessible to those on land. River cruises are perfect for those who like to wander off the beaten track...

 River cruise ship with kayakers


4) Save yourself from sea-sickness

There's nothing like a spot of sea sickness to dampen your cruising experience. If you love cruising but tend to feel queasy in rough waters, you'll know how frustrating that all-too familiar rocking motion can be.

Choose a river cruise for a gentler journey. Sailing along narrow rivers means you'll rarely find yourself in choppy waters, so you - and your stomach - can relax and enjoy the ride!


5) Everything is within easy reach

If you like everything to be just a stone's throw away, you'll love river cruises. After leaving your cabin, you can be on the sun deck in less than a minute. That's if you don't stop for a quick drink at the bar of course! 

Even the sea itself is closer. Many river cruise ships feature a swimming platform on the stern, which you use to jump or dive into the sea when weather and anchorage permits.

River cruise ship anchored in a harbour 

We've partnered up with CroisiEurope to bring you a brand new Spanish river cruise that's perfect for first-timers.

Immerse yourself in the heart of Andalusia; from Seville to Granada, this river cruise takes you to the cities and emblematic sites of this rich region of Spain. Find out more here.


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