Janice, Cruise Product Executive at Solos Holidays, is an expert on solo cruises. To help ease any worries or queries you may have about cruising alone, we asked her for the answers to some of the most common questions about solo cruising.

1) Do a lot of people cruise alone?

Yes, there are loads of single travellers out there who love to cruise! Cruise lines are noticing this change too, and are becoming more single-led to cater to the growing number of solo cruisers.

Nowadays, there is usually a singles host on board most cruise ships who arranges meetings and events for solo cruisers during your time on-board. The leaders in this field are Norwegian Cruise Line; their newer ships are equipped with studio staterooms specifically for single passengers, and they also have studio lounges where solo cruisers can meet up in the evenings for pre-dinner drinks and make dinner arrangements.


2) What are the benefits of cruising solo?

The rewards from cruising solo are limitless. Not only do you - and you alone - get to choose your perfect cruise without needing to consider anyone's preferences but your own, but every decision you make on board is your own too. Fancy trying an excursion? Go for it! Need some time away from the other solo cruisers? Take an evening out to read your book.

A lot of people worry about feeling lonely on a solo cruise, but this is rarely the case. There are so many activities and get-togethers on board where solo cruisers can mingle and meet. And when you're not travelling with friends or family, it's so much easier to bond with like-minded travellers.

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How to get the most out of your solo cruise


3) What are some of the best ways to meet people?

The best way to meet people on board is to attend the ship’s on-board activities for singles, and also by going on excursions. I've known lots of solo cruisers who have gone on an excursion and met some nice people, who they then chat with when they get back on board!


4) Will I have to dine alone?

No, thankfully you never need to dine alone - unless you want to! If you're not travelling with a group, you can always ask the Maître D to be seated with other singles or on a mixed table.


5) Will there be someone there to look after me if I need them?

At Solos, all our cruises will be accompanied by a Tour Leader if there are 8 Solos passengers or over. The Solos Tour Leader will be there to answer any questions you may have and help if you there are any problems. If the group is smaller than 8, however, you can still go to the cruise's hosts on board the cruise ship - although their help might be limited.


6) Will I have to share a cabin?

Unless you want to, no - you will never need to share a cabin with another passenger.


7) Will I have to pay a single supplement?

From time to time, some cruise lines will offer sailings with no single supplement. Norwegian Cruise Line is great for this; there are never any single supplements for their studio staterooms.

However, the majority of cruise lines do charge single supplements, but it varies as to how much. It can be anywhere from 25% to 100%. More and more companies are offering single cabins on their cruise ships though, and this is only set to grow!


8) What's the best cruise you've been on?

Cruising is my passion! I've been lucky enough to see most of the Caribbean islands, but a couple of the best trips I've been on were a Royal Caribbean cruise to Dubai and the Panama Canal cruise last year. Next on my list is Alaska!

We hope Janice answered all your burning questions. If a solo cruise sounds like the holiday for you, click here to browse our huge selection of solo cruises on our new dedicated cruise website.


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