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Is it disrespectful to your partner if you decide to go on holiday without him or her? Some people think it is. Yet, some of our guests have a significant other but have decided to travel solo - usually because they're unable to travel at the same time as their partner or simply have different interests.

Sometimes we share inspiring blog articles on our Facebook page about solo travel and this thoughtful post by Josh Laxton about what he learns every time his wife travels solo, really struck a chord. When his wife is away, Josh realizes how lucky he is to have her in his life and it reminds him to never take her for granted.

It may sound cheesy, but distance can make the heart grow fonder. You could argue that a sign of a healthy relationship is where you're able to comfortably spend time apart and pursue your own individual interests. Time apart also enables you to reflect on your relationship and appreciate things that you might miss when you're apart, too.

Some of our guests may also be single mums or dads in need of some much-needed 'me' time and grateful to their family for looking after their kids while they have a break. We were also moved by this honest article written by Hallie Levine, a single mum of three who said a solo trip saved her after a difficult divorce. Once again, some people may judge going on holiday without your young children as selfish, but being a single parent must be one of the hardest roles and everyone deserves time out to rest and restore. Travel is one of the best remedies when you're feeling utterly frazzled.

Do you think travelling without your partner or children is selfish? We'd love to hear your opinions and experiences.


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