Embarking on your first singles holiday is an experience you'll never forget. It takes courage to travel alone, but once you set off you'll wonder why you've never tried it before! From choosing the right holiday to bonding with your fellow solo travellers, here are our top tips to take with you on your first singles holiday.

1) If you're nervous, start small

If jumping straight into a two week-long trip sounds too much, why not dip your toe into the water and book yourself a short city break or even a holiday in the UK?

A shorter holiday, whether abroad or closer to home, will act as a great taster for the solo travel experience if you're feeling nervous about travelling alone.

It's also likely you'll meet other first-timers who've had the same genius idea!

New friends chatting over a beer in an English pub


2) Try find out who you'll be travelling with

Tracking down your fellow solo travellers is a sure-fire way of easing any nerves or anxieties you may have about your upcoming holiday.

Our Solos forum is a great place to break the ice! A dedicated online hub for Solos customers, it's where you'll be able to find people who've booked onto your trip, share tips and ideas and get to know one another before you fly. 

Woman using a computer to find her fellow travellers online


3) Prepare some conversation topics in advance

Whether you're shy around new people or tend to be the life and soul of any party, there's no harm in thinking of some talking points before you travel.

You'll learn more about your solo companions and find common ground quicker, while also making sure conversation flows easily over your first dinner together.

Friends chatting over dinner while on holiday


4) Pick your Tour Leader's brains

Your Tour Leader will be there to answer all your questions throughout your solo holiday. In many cases, they will have travelled to your holiday destination before, and will know all the best beaches, bars and restaurants to check out while you're there.

They can also help you find suitable excursions, and recommend off-the-beaten-track walking routes and viewpoints.

Don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to make sure you get the most out of your holiday.

Holidaymakers admiring the view 


5) Bring a book

A singles holiday is a sociable experience, but everyone needs some alone time once in a while.

If you feel like you need to get away from the group for an afternoon, bring a book and find a quiet spot to read, relax and soak up your surroundings.

Remember: this is your holiday, and you have the freedom to spend it however you please!

Single traveller reading on holiday


6) Wear a smile

Greeting your solo companions with a beaming smile is a great way to make a good first impression.

Smiling has also been scientifically proven to relieve stress and actually make you feel happier, so by starting your holiday with a smile you'll be instantly putting yourself at ease.

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Friends on a boat

 Whether you've a seasoned solo traveller or a nervous first-timer, our holidays are tailor-made to help you feel comfortable, calm and welcomed from the moment you meet your Tour Leader and fellow solo companions.

Begin your solo adventure today and browse our full list of singles holidays.


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