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It's completely normal to feel nervous before your first singles holiday, but don't let those nerves stop you from booking that amazing trip you've had your eyes on for months. Here are 5 ways to ease any pre-holiday anxieties...

1) Get chatting

The 'great unknown' is what makes a holiday with strangers so nerve-wracking. Who will you be travelling with, and what will they be like?

Our Solos forum is a great place to clear away some of this ambiguity. This dedicated online hub for Solos travellers gives you the chance to find people who've booked onto your trip, share tips and ideas and get to know one another before you fly.

You don't need to have booked with us to access the forum either, so you can log on and ask around for recommendations with zero commitments.

Our Facebook page is also buzzing with activity; loads of our customers use this platform to share their experiences from previous holidays - and seek out potential friends for future trips. Join our warm and welcoming community today, without even leaving your front door!

Single travellers enjoying a dinner together on a singles holiday


2) Remind yourself that you have nothing to lose

Life is for living and trying out new things, even if they scare you to begin with. Remember that adventures begin outside of your comfort zone, and that if you want something different to enter your life - you have to do something different.

The bottom line is, you'll never regret trying something that's always intrigued you, and if thats a solo holiday - well, then you know what to do!

Single travellers on holiday white water rafting together


3) Remember, it's your holiday

The beauty of a Solos holiday is that you're not, at any time, forced to do anything you don't feel like doing. You can spend a few days socialising and getting to know your fellow solo travellers, followed by a day completely to yourself if you wish.

Think of it as travelling alone, with company there whenever you want it.

Single travellers enjoying a Spanish meal together by the sea


4) Stay positive

Positivity breeds positivity, so it's important to stay upbeat in the weeks, days and hours leading up to your singles holiday.

Remain optimistic and to go in already knowing that you're going to enjoy yourself and have a whirlwind of a time (because you are!) and you'll feel instantly less nervous, we promise.

A positive mind really can do wonders.

Girl leaping in front of a famous building in Cambridge


5) Remember that you're all in the same boat

One thing's for certain: you're not the only one feeling nervous about an upcoming singles holiday.

The chances are, everyone you're travelling with is feeling exactly the same and are harbouring a stomach full of butterflies about meeting you for the first time.

Reminding yourself of this can be comforting; we're all the same at the end of the day!

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Smiling friends on a cruise ship together 

We hope we've convinced you that embarking on a Solos holiday isn't so scary after all. Browse our fabulous selection of singles holidays at your leisure, and we hope you can join us very soon!


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“A great way for singles to travel with a group and get involved as much or as little as takes your fancy”