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If you’re looking to cruise Norway but can’t decide between the numerous ships and itineraries on the market, read on to discover which Norwegian cruise is best suited to you. 

There’s no better way to soak up the beauty of Norway’s fjords than by cruise ship. After all, a Norway cruise gives you easy access to spectacular scenery and hidden gems you wouldn't be able to see on land.

At Solos, we offer a wide selection of cruise itineraries that showcase Norway at its most beautiful, from week-long tours to 12-night adventures. Here's our handy guide to choosing the perfect Norwegian cruise for you...


Norwegian ships

Our selection of Norwegian cruises are operated by either Cruise & Maritime Voyages or Hurtigruten, offering you the choice between four magnificent cruise ships.

CMV Columbus

Purpose built for deep sea ocean cruising, Columbus is perfectly suited to the scenic cruise programme she operates. 775 passenger cabins are on offer, including 64 deluxe balcony cabins and junior suites. Recognising the needs of single travellers, 150 cabins have been allocated for solo travellers!

On board Columbus, days at sea are filled with a wide variety of activities, including traditional deck games, swimming in outside pools and beauty salon treatments. When the weather is fine, enjoy dinner with a view at the Alfresco Grill and watch Norway's panoramic scenery sail by.

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CMV Magellan

Renowned for its intimate and friendly atmosphere, Magellan promises to provide a quintessentially British cruise experience to all its passengers.

A pub, a card room and library are just a few examples of the many ways in which the ship creates a 'home away from home' feel for its 1,250 guests.

Other highlights include the Waldorf and the Kensington restaurants, the more relaxed Raffles Bistro, and an impressive array of whirlpools and swimming pools out on the deck.

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MS Nordlys

Hurtigruten’s ships have been a hallmark of the Norwegian coast since 1893.

Their expedition ships are far smaller than those operated by Cruise and Maritime Voyages, and are best suited to cruisers looking for a more adventurous, educational cruise.

Both the name and the interior design of this MS Nordlys were inspired by the Northern Lights. She also comes with her own on-board Expedition Team, which hosts interesting lectures, presentations and activities to help you learn about the nature and culture you encounter on your journey. 

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MS Roald Amundsen

Brand new for 2019, Hurtigruten's MS Roald Amundsen is a state of the art expedition ship with new, environmentally-friendly hybrid technology.

The two-level indoor/outdoor Observation Deck makes it perfect for soaking up the scenery of a Norwegian cruise, while the Amundsen Science Centre will be the heart of your on-board experience.

In true Norwegian style, MS Roald Amundsen also features three restaurants inspired by Nordic heritage.

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Best Norway cruises

Now that you're well acquainted with the cruise ships on offer, it's time to look at each Norwegian cruise itinerary to find out which one best suits you...


Fjordland Winter Discovery & Oslo - CMV Columbus

This short 6-night autumn cruise is a perfect introduction to Norway, sailing through the beautiful fjords of the south.

Board at Tilbury and spend a day at sea before calling at Oslofjord, Kristiansand and Stavanger. You'll then enjoy another day at sea before returning to Tilbury.

We love this cruise itinerary because it gives you the chance to visit Oslo, one of Europe's most beautiful and rapidly modernising capitals. Located at the head of the Oslofjord and surrounded by wooded hills and peaks, it's the perfect place to begin your discovery of Norway.

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Majestic Fjordland - May and September 2019 - CMV Columbus

On this 7-night Norwegian cruise, you'll make a stop at either Amsterdam or Rotterdam (depending on your month of departure) before making your way to south-western Norway.

After The Netherlands, the ship will first dock at Eidfjord, a small town that lies at the end of the magnificent Hardangerfjord - the fourth largest fjord in Norway. In between sailing along jaw-dropping fjords, this cruise will also take you to the tiny village of Flåm and Bergen - the country's second largest city after Oslo.

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Majestic Fjordland Aug - CMV Columbus

Cruise and Maritime Voyages' August itinerary of the Majestic Fjordland cruise is almost exactly the same as the May and September version, but with an added stop at Geiranger.

Sitting at the head of the stunning Geirangerfjord, this beautiful village boasts a backdrop of splendid mountain scenery. Snow-dusted peaks, tumbling waterfalls, lush green valleys and dramatic gorges stretch as far as the eye can see.

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Majestic Fjordland - 6 Nights - CMV Columbus

This 6-night cruise is another great introduction to Norway, bringing you face to face with cascading waterfalls, sheer grey cliffs and majestic mountains.

After setting sail from Tilbury, Columbus will make her way to the small town of Eidfjord where you'll dock for a night before embarking for Flåm and Bergen.

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Grand Fjordland Splendour - CMV Magellan

Departing from Liverpool, this longer 12-night cruise is ideally suited to those looking to explore beyond Norway on a multi-centre cruise, starting with stops at Dublin and Scotland's Shetland islands.

The ship then continues on to Bergen and the charming village of Olden, which sits at the inner end of Nordfjord. Geiranger is next on the itinerary, followed by Flåm, EidfjordHardangerfjord and Stavanger. Before returning back to Liverpool, Magellan will also dock at the beautiful Orkney islands, an archipelago just off the northeastern coast of Scotland.

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Norway and Spitsbergen – The Route of Polar Pioneers

Hurtigruten's 7-night Norwegian cruise is for the adventurous, taking cruisers to the northernmost point of Europe and beyond.

The cruise starts in Tromsø, the gateway to the Arctic and popular visiting point for those hoping to see the Northern Lights, before sailing even more north to Skarsvåg, the world's northernmost fishing village.

Days 3 to 5 are then spent around Spitsbergen where you'll experience the legendary Midnight Sun that this area is so famous for. On the final day, you'll sail into Isfjord and Longyearbyen before finally landing in Oslo for your fight home.

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Classic Round Voyage - Hurtigruten

If you're looking for a longer journey that crams in plenty of stops along Norway's northern coast, this could be the cruise itinerary for you. From Bergen all the way to the Kirkenes at the very tip of mainland Norway, this 11-night journey is guaranteed be an unforgettable one.

Soak up the beauty of Tromso, Alesund, TrondheimHonningsvåg and more, looking out for the Northern Lights and sailing through countless breath-taking fjords along the way.

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We hope this has helped you narrow down your options for your next Norwegian cruise! Remember, you can view our full selection and learn more about our cruise programme on our CruiseSolos page.


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