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The festive season is in full swing but it can feel like a testing time for some singletons.

Emotions are often heightened and you might have to face seemingly smug couples or family members questioning your single status or even trying to set you up at Christmas gatherings (this scene in Bridget Jones springs to mind - get ready to cringe).

An eHarmony study last Christmas found that 47% of singles cited loneliness as the reason they dreaded Christmas. Additionally, the unmarried men surveyed said they found Christmas a more stressful time than Valentine’s Day.

Many of our customers are single, as well as those who have a partner at home but might go on holiday alone because they have different interests or are unable to travel at the same time, and it's important to rethink what it means to be solo at Christmas. 

Firstly, you are not alone. There are millions of single people across the UK and the world. For example, adult singles now outnumber married people in North America, with Bureau of Labor Statistics (published in August 2014) reporting 50.2% of American adults as single, compared to 22% in 1950. And it's wrong to assume that happiness lies in having an 'other half' (on a side note, does anyone else despise that phrase because it suggests you're not a whole person without a partner?) - it's possible to feel more alone in a bad relationship.

Remember that being solo at Christmas can give you the freedom to do exactly what you want to do and there are many ways to quell feelings of loneliness, whether it's by doing some charity work - which captures the real spirit of Christmas - or setting off on an adventure with other like-minded solos.  Many of our solo customers go on holiday over Christmas and New Year (check out our late escapes here) and we host festive breaks and New Year's Eve parties across the UK for singles, too.

What will you be doing over Christmas and New Year? Can you relate to any of the points raised in this article?





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