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Solo travel has soared over the last decade, with thousands of people choosing to ditch their family and friends this year and go at it alone. We take a look at why solo travel is the travel trend of the moment, and how to make the most of it.

There was a time when solo travel wasn't so simple - or as fashionable - but those days are gone. According to Klook, travelling solo is the top travel trend of 2019 and is only set to grow as we roll into a brand new decade.

But why the sudden spike?

The benefits of solo travel are countless, but the world hasn't always made it so easy. Now however, we're lucky to live through a time where solo travel is simpler and more enjoyable than ever, giving you every excuse to throw caution to the winds and set off on your very own solo adventure!

Here are just some of the reasons we believe solo travel has become so popular.


1) It's safer than ever before

Solo travel hasn't always seemed so safe; it wasn't too long ago that travelling to foreign countries on your own was considered a risky venture - especially for women.

As solo holidays have grown, travellers have gained comfort in numbers. More and more women are choosing to travel solo, making it increasingly easy to meet fellow solos on your journey.

Plus, travelling solo doesn't always mean travelling alone. At Solos Holidays, we bring solo travellers together on organised, group holidays, giving you the chance to go on holiday independently of your partner, friends or family without being completely alone. 

With an experienced Tour Leader on hand, you certainly won't need to worry about your safety, allowing you to relax and enjoy the ride.

Solo travellers at a vineyard


2) There's no stigma

Here's the best bit: solo travel is trendy now!

Despite once having a certain stigma attached to it, it's now flipped on its head to become one of the most fashionable and desirable ways to see the world.

Popular films such as Eat Pray Love, Wild and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel have helped, romanticising independent travel to the point of no return.

Now, as every single traveller knows, there's nothing more exciting than imagining you're Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love and setting off on your own adventure, with no-one to answer to but yourself.

Solo traveller in Cambridge


3) It's easy!

There's no doubt about it: the growth of technology has made solo travel - and travelling as a whole - easier than ever.

Can't find that bar you heard good things about? No worries, Google Maps will track it down. Wondering which restaurant to try tonight? TripAdvisor knows which has the the best reviews. Even language barriers can be broken down with a simple app that cleverly translates what someone is saying to you! 

This acceleration in hand-held technology has given people all over the globe the confidence to travel the world on their own.

Solo traveller relaxing on the beach


4) There's no better way to meet new people

Struggling to meet new people or make new friends? Travelling solo can help you with that.

Going on holiday with friends or family generally means you're less likely to venture out of your close-knit circle to meet new potential friends or travel buddies. Solo travellers, on the other hand, usually find it easier to connect with both locals and fellow travellers alike.

At Solos, our holidays are designed to bring like-minded individuals together, forming life-long friendships along the way. From the very first moment you meet your Tour Leader, to your final wave goodbye to your new-found friends, our holidays create a warm, welcoming environment where you’ll immediately feel comfortable and at home.

Solo travellers chatting over dinner


5) It satisfies our craving for new experiences

In the modern world we live in, anything seems possible; even climbing Mt Everest is becoming commonplace!

We're constantly seeking out new and exciting experiences to satisfy our appetite for life - and solo travel definitely comes under that umbrella. After holidaying with the same people year after year, leaving them behind to travel independently is a thrilling experience you'd find it difficult to regret.

Not only that, travelling solo is also a great opportunity to try something new that you've always wanted to give a go - whether that be skiing, sky-diving or white-water rafting!

White water rafting in Bovec

Are you ready for your solo adventure? Browse our full list of group holidays for solo travellers here and start your holiday countdown now.


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