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At Solos, we're proud to offer a diverse array of holidays for single travellers, including a number of undiscovered destinations that offer something a little different to your average sun, sea and sand escape.

With so many countries in the world just waiting to be explored, we at Solos think it's important to take a trip somewhere a little more off-the-beaten-track once in a while.

From the ancient monasteries of Georgia to the great land of the Bible in Israel, here are a few of our favourite offbeat and undiscovered holiday destinations that you might not have known about. 


1. Armenia

A beautiful blend of dramatic landscapes, ancient history and unforgettable scenery, Armenia is an undiscovered treasure sandwiched between Europe and Asia.

It's a destination that's unknown to many - a blessing which has made it all the more tantalising. As the world's first country to adopt Christianity, the country is saturated in history and is actually home to one of the first Christian buildings, the Ejmiatsin Cathedral, which was constructed between 301 - 303 BC!

Join us on a holiday to Armenia


2. Umbria, Italy

Often described as the green heart of Italy, the beautiful region of Umbria remains something of an undiscovered gem amongst British tourists, despite being in one of most visited countries in the world!

Charming medieval hill towns, vibrant cities, dense forests and mouth-watering truffles and wine extend Umbria's appeal to just about anyone. Not only this, the region also offers excellent value for money when compared to more tourist-heavy regions such as Tuscany, giving you even more reason to visit.

Join us on a holiday to Umbria


3. Georgia

Georgia's landscapes are a sight to behold. Emerald green valleys, clusters of vineyards and well-preserved ancient villages nestled amongst snow-capped mountains: as you can imagine, the scenery here is second to none.

Although still undiscovered by many, Georgia's capital Tbilisi is quickly emerging as one of the trendiest cities in Europe. Come here for world-class restaurants and natural wine bars, all against a beautiful backdrop of mountains. 

Join us on a holiday to Georgia


4. Albania 

Would you believe Albania is home to some of the Mediterranean's most beautiful beaches? Only opening its doors to tourism around 20 years ago, this once communist country remained completely undiscovered for much of the 20th century. 

Now, its mountain scenery, idyllic white-sand shores, crumbling castles and fascinating traditions are drawing in a small trickle of tourists, only just discovering its hidden beauty. The time to visit is now, before the secret gets out!

Join us on a holiday to Albania


5. Romania 

A country commonly associated with vampires and Count Dracula, there’s an air of mystery to Romania.

One of Europe’s most undiscovered holiday destinations, rich in culture and breathtaking natural beauty, it’s perhaps best-known for Transylvania’s spooky Bran Castle and the vibrant cities of Bucharest and Braşov. As fascinating as these urban centres are, however, Romania’s true charm lies in the remoter regions, where picturesque monasteries and traditional villages still pepper the landscape.

Join us on a holiday to Romania


6. Israel

A land steeped in tradition, religion and ancient tales, everything about Israel spells adventure. Largely undiscovered in the western world, but sacred land to many, it’s here that the religious devotions of Muslims, Christians and Jews run deep.

While the vibrant capital of Tel Aviv might surprise you with its bustling bars and beaches, the ancient walls and pathways of Nazareth and Jerusalem will silence you with their biblical grandeur.

Join us on a holiday to Israel


7. Western Ukraine

Away from the hustle and bustle of Kiev and Lyiv, and the desolate exclusion zone that surrounds Chernobyl, a vast landscape of beautiful, unspoilt countryside beckons.

Step back in time and discover the Hutsul tribe, who live deep in the Caparthian mountain range: a key part of Ukrainian national identity. Their life is centred around herding sheep, agriculture and forestry, surviving off a diet of mountain ingredients. 

Join us on a holiday to western Ukraine


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