In today’s climate, health and wellbeing are at the forefront of most people’s minds, with many taking up sports and activities to keep themselves both physically and mentally fit. While traditional beach and flop holidays will always have their appeal, a growing number of single travellers are also starting to embrace Sports & Activity holidays. Intrigued? Here are the reasons why Sports & Activity holidays for single travellers are on the rise….

Why choose Sports & Activity holidays?

1) You can find the perfect balance

Choosing a Sports & Activity holiday does not mean you have to spend every day of your getaway exercising. After all, what is a holiday without a spot of indulgence?

The beauty of a Sports & Activity holiday is that, after an afternoon or two of exercise, you can treat yourself to a day of relaxing by the pool with a clear conscience. There is no reason to feel guilty about overindulging in the delicious local food and drink because you balanced it out with exercise. Smart move!

group of friends drinking and eating on holiday

2) There is a wealth of choice

The best Sports & Activity holidays for singles are the ones that involve a hobby or interest you already know and love. Maybe you are a skier or golfer who has not practiced in years and would like a refresher. Or perhaps you are an avid walker looking for a new adventure and places to explore on foot.

If you are feeling particularly adventurous, throw yourself into an activity you have never tried before. We all have hidden talents, just waiting to be discovered. From mounting-biking in Spain's Sierra Aracena, kayaking in Zakynthos to skiing in Switzerland, there are so many activities to try, and plenty of beautiful places to try them in.

Plus, doing so with a group of fellow single travellers really is the best way to learn and make friends. 

mountain biking in Slovenia

3) Protect your wellness and wellbeing

Of course, a healthy mind and soul is just as important as a healthy body. For this reason, yoga is becoming an increasingly popular holiday activity amongst travellers seeking to destress and equalise the body and mind.

Escape the pressures of daily life and book yourself a Wellness & Yoga holiday where relaxation and yoga classes are all part of your day. Practice your Mountain Pose on the beach, indulge in a treatment or two and watch as your mental and physical wellbeing is magically restored.

Woman practicing yoga on the beach

Activity = adventure!

As relaxing as beach holidays may be, they do not tend to invite adventure into your life.

Book a Sports & Activity holiday and you will find new experiences and excitement around every corner. Whether that is in the form of kayaking, hiking or mountain-biking, you are guaranteed to have a holiday to remember.

whitewater rafting holiday


Sports & Activity holidays to consider...

1) Walking holidays

If you want to find a balance between exercise, sightseeing and relaxation, a Walking holiday will tick all the right boxes. Trek mountains one day and relax the next. You will discover hidden places only reachable by foot - plus, you will always be treated to the best views!

Find out more about Solos Walking holidays

group of single travellers on a walking holiday

2) Ski holidays

The best type of exercise is the type you do without even realising - and skiing is exactly that. Research has shown that downhill skiing is roughly the same as a cycling or rowing workout and can help you burn up to 400 calories in an hour!

Your legs may feel stiff as a rod on your flight home, but as you are tearing down the slopes with the wind whipping in your hair, we promise you will barely notice the good you are doing for your body.

Find out more about Solos Skiing holidays

singles on a group ski holiday

3) Golf Holidays

A Golf holiday is a great form of exercise, not only will you benefit from being in the great outdoors, but you will also do a lot of walking.  In fact, many courses will have you walking approximately 4 miles by the end of the round.  So, you will be well on your way to reaching your 10,000 daily steps.

Plus, a Solos Golf holiday is a fun and social way to meet like-minded single travellers, as well as enjoying some friendly competition on our festival breaks.

Find out more about Solos Golf holidays

singles on a group golf holiday

Click here to browse our selection of Sports & Activity holidays. From Skiing holidays and Walking tours to Golfing breaks in the sun, we have something to suit every taste and budget.



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