Find out more about holidaying with Solos by reading the first of our series of interviews with members of the Solos community. 

Cath Cole, aged 42, has holidayed with Solos on numerous occasions and was even interviewed alongside Solos Holidays in this article in The New York Times about the growing solo travel trend! Cath shares her experience about being part of the Solos Holidays' community:

How many Solos' trips have you joined and where did you visit?

Dominican Republic was my first trip: a week-long break in the sun which was so lovely and relaxing, with an all-inclusive hotel on the beach. Lots of eating and drinking!

I've also enjoyed a Turkey sunshine break with Solos; a complete chill-out week split between the pool and the beach, including a day-trip on a boat. I met two brilliant women on this trip and we talked almost the whole week!

I returned to Turkey on a Solos' walking trip in November 2015. I’d never been on a walking holiday before and was a little nervous, but the group were brilliant and, because we had something to do every day, it was a bit like a ski trip in that you had something in common with everyone and stories to talk about each evening. There was also time to enjoy the sea, pool and sun, so a great mixture of everything. I have made a great friend through this trip and we meet up every few months for a gossip.

I've enjoyed UK breaks with Solos too, including an educational and fascinating weekend visit to Bletchley Park - the central site for Britain's codebreakers during World War Two - and a Christmas break in Northampton, a perfect alternative to Christmas with family and friends who are spread all over the country. We kicked off the festive weekend with bowling, then went to a fabulous pantomime on Boxing Day (I usually hate pantomimes!) and had two evenings of dinners, drinks and dancing.

I also attended the Reload Festival with Solos last summer with a group of like-minded people. We sang, danced, laughed, ate and drank all weekend and had the luxury of a coach home and a hotel room to relax in every evening.

What has been your favourite Solos' holiday so far and why?

Every trip is different. The best part is definitely the people you meet - even the ones you don’t stay in touch with - because they are what make the holiday. I’ve become Facebook friends with a number of them and still meet up with one or two of the ones I ‘clicked’ with the most.

Why do you travel solo?

I first travelled solo because I needed a week in the sun due to the stresses of work. I was single at the time and none of my friends could get away. Being self-employed, I often get holiday time at late notice and many of my friends can’t be flexible so, whether I’m in a relationship or not, I still consider Solos. It’s not the dating scene everyone who hasn’t been thinks it is. Sure, some people get together, but that’s not what it’s about - it’s about independent travellers holidaying together.

How would you describe the Solos' community and any advice for newcomers?

The community is generally full of positive people ready for a giggle - they're on holiday after all! Looking back, the one thing I wish I’d known was not to be so nervous the first time and that everyone is in the same boat. It’s silly to be nervous because Solos attracts a certain kind of person, so you’re always likely to meet at least a few people who you get on with, and I've been lucky to meet lots of them!

I also recommend getting your own room. I go skiing by myself sometimes and I usually share a room which can be pretty difficult if you don’t get on with your roomie. Solos removes that risk and means you can have as much privacy as you want - or you can spend the whole time with the group if you prefer.

Where do you want to travel to next and why?
Who knows! It depends when I get holiday time and what’s available. I’ve always fancied a Solos ski trip so perhaps I’ll try one of those at some point...

Have you travelled with Solos? If so, do you agree with Cath's points? Share your experience in the comment section below or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.


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