Our wide selection of holidays means that we get the chance to work with lots of wonderful Tour Leaders. We’d like to introduce you to one of our ClubSolos Tour Leaders, Andy, who loves to share his passion for travel. Here he tells us about his experiences leading our ClubSolos holidays and shows his excitement for our brand-new Croatia property for 2021! 

Meet our ClubSolos Tour Leader Andy

Hi, I’m Andy and I can’t wait to be in both ClubSolos Antigua and our brand new ClubSolos Croatia for summer 2021!  I have been travelling with Solos Holidays for a wee while now and I totally love it. I am passionate about all aspects of travel.... the preparation, the logistics, the destination, the anticipation, the excitement and ultimately the people you share those experiences with. It’s huge.  

Life is often complicated and holidays ought to be the exact opposite - an opportunity to escape routine, rejuvenate yourself, explore, relax and have fun. Clubsolos is a great concept that delivers exactly that. Who wants to get up early at one of those big resort hotels to get the best spot at the pool? Thankfully there is no need for that with our intimate, family owned properties. The hotel is yours and that is a big plus. What's the rush? 

I have enjoyed working at a number of our Clubsolos properties be those in Greece, Spain or Antigua. They are all, like most things, what you make of them. Situated in great locations with choices to explore or to relax as hard as you wish to. The holiday is yours to spend your time as you see fit. My task is simply to help you achieve exactly that. For me working closely with the owners or families for extended periods of time is one of the best aspects about Clubsolos. It can often lead to a more authentic holiday experience for our guests.   

Local hospitality doesn’t recognise boundaries or borders and a smile will speak volumes for you when language is the only issue. I will always encourage my groups to embrace any cultural differences because only then do we understand where we are.  Me, well I like to explore so those that know me will know that I always offer a wee walk or three.  

I love all of the destinations that we travel to. I have walked in Croatia a few times, but I am really looking forward to working in our new ClubsolosCroatia property next year. A new adventure! All trips are great in so many different ways, made only better by the people that we share the experience with. Hospitality, locality, history, cuisine, the weather... it’s the people that really generate the memories.  

I worked in both Mallorca and Antigua last year for Clubsolos. I will say that there is most definitely only one Shirley Heights though! Mallorca has many secret wee gems when it comes to quiet beaches and turquoise baysbut the view from the restored military lookout of English and Falmouth Harbours in Antigua is breath-taking.  

I have way too many favourite destinations, so I will simply say “the world”It is an absolute privilege to work for Solos and leadClubSolos holidays. Sharing travel adventures with likeminded people I often find quite humbling. The small successes and achievements on a walking holiday, witnessing confidence and energy returning, to hear laughter or to feel emotional under the Northern Lights. It’s all magical. 

To some of you out there it might seem kind of odd thinking about travel when there is so much uncertainty out there in the world at the moment. Our personal health and the health of loved ones is - I am sure much more important than dreaming of future holidays and travel. That said - Covid is going to become manageableso for me at least I can’t help but embrace the prospect to travel again soon. I am very much looking forward to that and exploring the world with you.    

Please keep well, keep smiling and I will see you out there in Croatia or Antigua next year! 



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