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One of our most popular recent Facebook posts was a link to an article in Stylist magazine, written by a single woman explaining why she's much happier on her own and how it's frustrating that she has to justify her solo status to society.


Image credit: Stylist magazine

Based on all of the post 'likes', shares and comments the post received, it appears that the Solos' community strongly agrees that there shouldn't be a stigma attached to being single. That the way some people see being in a relationship as positive, and being single is sad, is a ridiculous assumption.

The reality is, that being single is increasingly a personal choice for many. The Telegraph recently wrote an article about the growing 'freemale' trend - how more women over 60 are choosing to be single than ever before. It reported that the number of people aged between 45 and 64 who live alone has risen by 23 per cent over the last decade, with the majority of them women. This rise is probably related to the increase in the solo travel trend, too.

It's important that we all think twice before making judgements about another person's relationship status. We are all individual and entitled to our own choices. For some, this might mean being with a plus one, while others may be more content on their own. This notion that relationships provide security isn't always the case - a bad relationship can lead to serious insecurities.

Hopefully more people will open their minds and recognise this shift in society. Whether you're single or have a partner, it's time we stop judging one another.


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