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Sometimes we receive messages on the Solos Holidays’ Facebook page from individuals who would love to go on one of our holidays, but don’t feel confident enough to travel alone. The reasons vary, but one common scenario is where he or she may have recently separated from a partner, or have become widowed.

It’s natural that the idea of venturing out on holiday alone can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re used to travelling with a companion. However, what’s wonderful about Solos is that these are escorted group holidays for solo travellers only so everyone is in the same boat. The Solos’ community is very welcoming and friendly, and you can choose to spend as much or as little time with the group as you wish.

We asked some guests who have travelled with Solos numerous times, to share their advice for any nervous first-timers. Here’s what they had to say:

Phil Thomas, aged 46, from Bristol said: “The best advice I can give is to go for it. Yes, being a first-time single traveller can be a bit scary, but remember that the group you will share your holiday with will also be single travellers and therefore in the same position as you. It's also worth remembering that there is bound to be other first-timers on your holiday too, and the others would have been one at some point, so will know how you're feeling. Take the plunge!”

Rhonda Womar, aged 54, from Cambridge: “I think I would say to new people to go and check out the Solos' forum as you can get lots of good advice from there and read about people's trips - it makes you want to book somewhere when you have a chat there. It helped me book my first one.”

Laura Young, aged 34, from Bournemouth said: “Don’t overthink it, just do it! What’s the worst that could happen?”

Paul Wilkinson, aged 59, from Dorset said: “My advice would be to not worry about trying it out. Many first-timers are concerned about 'will I fit in with a group of complete strangers?' Probably everyone will be a stranger to each other, although there may be some people there that know each other because they've met on a previous trip, so many will be in the same situation as you. The group soon bonds and within days you have new friends.”

Lorna Drake, aged 50, from East Sussex said: "Don't worry about going on holiday 'alone,' because either in the departures lounge at the airport or possibly on the plane, you will meet the tour rep or some other people on your trip. Going on a holiday with Solos is a great way to travel without actually having to be on your own, but you can have space and time to do your own thing if you want. Go with an open mind and a willingness to let yourself step out of your comfort zone and routine, and you will have a great time with some nice people."

Are you considering booking your first Solos’ holiday? Please get in touch by calling 0844 815 0005, emailing travel@solos.co.uk or sending us a Facebook message or tweet.


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“A great way for singles to travel with a group and get involved as much or as little as takes your fancy”