As Tour Leaders for our ClubSolos property in Corfu, we decided to interview Andy Wilson and Gary Haskins and find out why they love Corfu!

Meet Andy Wilson

If you have chosen this holiday because you want to relax and enjoy the sun then you have made a good choice. If you have picked Corfu because you want to experience, taste and enjoy a more traditional Greek holiday then you have also chosen well. Head to the hills and mountains and you will find many small, quiet villages tucked in amongst the shady olive groves and away from the crowds. Look for the church and for sure you will find a very basic looking bar close by. They probably will not have a full menu but you will find some of the best food and hospitality that the island of Corfu has to offer.


How long have you been working with Solos? This is my 12th year!

What is the most interesting/exciting part of your job? Exploring somewhere new and sharing that experience with others.

What is your favourite memory whilst leading a Solo Holiday? My favourite memory is not about what I have witnessed, but it’s more about the actual sharing of the experience that created the memory. That is what I cherish. Working for Solos allows me to be part of that experience. It is easy to imagine seeing something wondrous or doing something fantastic on your own but to be a part of it and to actually share in that experience with your group makes it all the more real. I could say that walking on Iceland’s Mýrdalsjökull glacier is up there on a par with watching humpback whales off of the coast of Norway, or witnessing somebody achieve something that they thought for themselves would be physically impossible. On your own it might be great, however, share that experience and then it becomes unforgettable.

What do customers find surprising about Solos Holidays? We are a small company that's big on people. We continue to be competitive in a market place that witnesses other companies come and go. We know and understand our market and more importantly we know, understand and respect our customers because we listen, learn and continually look to evolve and develop our service to satisfy our customer requirements.

What makes ClubSolos special? ClubSolos gives you the opportunity to escape your typical busy, overcrowded mainstream hotel and allows you to enjoy your holiday in a more exclusive, friendly and peaceful environment without the distraction of 100’s of other guests invading your space. After all, it’s your holiday and more importantly, it is now your hotel.

What would you say to someone who was thinking of travelling on a ClubSolos holiday? Same sun, more fun and great value … so just book it. Be part of a group and not just another customer!


Meet Gary Haskins


The ClubSolos concept of providing Solo travellers with the opportunity to enjoy new friendships and experiences is very special. Clients are often surprised that fellow travellers as well as the Tour Leader genuinely care about them,  everyone looks out  for each other and we are like one big family! 


How long have you been working with Solos? This will be my eleventh season and every week is different!

What is the most interesting/exciting part of your job? I always say that a Solos holiday is like a box of chocolates... you never really know what's inside, but there's always a great selection with different tastes and all of the ingredients for a great holiday!

What is your favourite memory whilst leading a Solo Holiday? Lots to choose from, but it has to be a week in Zante where the group just clicked from the first night and we all had a fabulous time making new and lasting friendships that have stood the test of time. This was four years ago and they still meet up every month. The group is called MIZ - Made in Zante!!

What do customers find surprising about Solos Holidays? The groups seems to bond really well and the hotel owners are at hand to provide a houseparty type atmosphere.

What makes ClubSolos special? ClubSolos is special because it is exclusive to the Solos guests - like a private house party! The owners and staff get to know Solos clients and treat them like their own friends and family. Clients can choose to simply relax, party or do whatever the mood takes them.

What would you say to someone who was thinking of travelling on a ClubSolos holiday? I would tell clients thinking of travelling on a ClubSolos holiday that it is a unique product, exclusive to Solos, and so groups tend to appreciate that there are no children and no need to worry about a lack of sunbeds!


How would you describe Corfu in 3 words?
Andy: Genuine, Greek Hospitality!

Gary: Superb service and value.

Why is this hotel so popular with guests in Corfu?
Andy: Our base is situated in a really tranquil area between the sea and the village of Acharavi. Perfect for relaxing at the beach or at our swimming pool during the day and just a short walk to the high street where you can find restaurants, tavernas and bars offering excellent traditional Greek cuisine, music and evening entertainment.

Gary: Guests love that they can relax all day, and then at night enjoy sunset dinners, head off for a lively night in Rodas, or stay at the hotel for a night of music at our own bar. The hotel's pool is also popular because it is a really good size with plenty of sun loungers and parasols.

Where is your favourite place in Corfu?
Andy: Corfu is truly beautiful, but never more so than in the spring months when the island is full of colour. There are so many wonderful places and traditional villages, from the lofty summit of Mount Pantokrantor to Corfu Old Town itself, but for me my favourite part of Corfu is the North East coastal path between Nissaki and Kassiopi.

Gary: Roda Beach!

What local dish would you recommend guests try?
Andy: Try any of the fresh fish - literally from the sea to the kitchen to your plate to your tummy! Corfiot cuisine consists of four main dishes. Bourdeto, Bianco, Sofrito and my favourite which is Pastitsada.

Gary: Beef stiffado or lamb keleftico.

Where would you recommend eating/drinking in Corfu?
Andy: Wow, that’s an impossible question to answer! There are simply so many fantastic places to eat. Personally I like to escape the crowds and head to the hills and find a small taverna in a small village with a small menu offering you whatever it is that they happen to have that day. You cannot beat authentic traditional even seasonal homemade Greek food prepared just the way yiayia (grandma) used to make it. If you are with us in Acharavi then the Navigator has an international menu along with some excellent house specialities. You are on an Island, so eat fish corfiot style!

Gary: Eating and drinking anywhere on Acharavi beach has the added attraction of the most amazing sunsets. I would also recommend dinner at a place called Lavender, for mezes followed by a delicious selection of Greek dishes cooked to order by an excellent chef. You can also grab a snack or lunch in one of the beach tavernas and you will get a free sun lounger for the day.

What item would you recommend they pack?
Andy: Take a phrase book with you or simply learn some basic Greek pleasantries such as hello, please and thank you …. Oh and definitely pack your smile! If your Greek is not quite so good then smiling is very international especially on the Greek islands.

Gary: Beach towel, mosquito spray, a camera and a torch is handy. Walking boots or suitable trainers if you want to partake in optional walks.

What excursion/experience would you recommend guests try in Corfu?
Andy: In Corfu you have to do the boat trip from the beautiful little harbour of Kassiopi to Corfu Town. You get a different perspective of Corfu and the North East coast plus a close up view of Albania. Of course you can go to Corfu town by bus, but this is by far the best way to travel to the city. It is relaxing and you can sit in the shade or enjoy the sun. You are given plenty of time to explore the many narrow lanes of the old town, shop for gifts, eat something delicious or simply enjoy a coffee and people watch at the Listons.

Gary: Be sure to visit the local olive wood shop and buy some gifts! All of their gifts are handmade from local olive tree wood - it's superb!


If our Tour Leader has answered your questions, why not check out our current availability and what you will get on your holiday to Corfu...


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