There's no better way to truly get to know a place than by trying out some of its traditional food-and authentic street food in particular, is a delicious window into new cultures. Some of these traditional street food dishes you’d be crazy to miss, as well as some you’d be crazy to try!


Cuban food is mix of Spanish, African and Caribbean cuisines. Unlike the Mexican tamales, Cuban tamales mixes the meat (usually pork) with the dough of the tamale instead of being used as a filling. Additionally, Cubans use field corn, which is less sweet than the Mexican version.

The Pastel de Belém is a small baked tart with a flaky pastry  shell filled with a sweet, creamy egg-based custard and sometimes sprinkled with cinnamon. Breathe in the aroma of sugar and cinnamon, bite into the crunchy pastry and let your tongue linger on the luscious custard. Mmmmm!

Street food is not too common in Spain, but you can usually find Paella made in large street-side pans, which allows the delicious aromas of meats and spices to drift through the air. Traditional paella includes ingredients such as saffron, rabbits and snails, so it’s the perfect excuse to try something different!

Carniolan sausage (Kranjska klobasa) is the perfect choice if you want to try something traditional and truly Slovenian. Originating from the early 19th century, Carniolan sausage is meat product and it’s made only from the finest pork meat. The final taste is a delicious mix of pork, pepper and garlic.

Shkembe Chorba is a tripe soup common across all the Balkan countries. Besides tripe, the  soup is spiced with lots of garlic, red paprika and some milk.  Much like Brits and marmite - Bulgarians either love or hate Shkembe Chorba!

These sweet treats are Chinese Hawthorns skewered dipped in sugar syrup and left to harden. Tanghulu are like mini candy apples only with a sharp sour bite – perfect for those who like both sweet and sour! They are one of Beijing’s most common street food.

Momo is one dish you cannot leave Kathmandu without trying! If you’re a fan of dumplings, you’ll love these - the spices used for the filling plus the chutney dip takes the momo to a whole new level!

Kokorec is grilled sheep intestines with tomatoes and green peppers, seasoned with spices and roasted on a skewer. Often sold from pushcarts around Turkey, there are also some small shops who sell kokorec inside toasted bread and accompanied by either turnip juice or pickle juice.

Folpetti is the perfect Italian street food if you’re a fan of Calamari – you’ll go wild over this salty boiled octopus! Give your taste buds a treat and indulge in some folpetti before lunch with a glass of wine.

A koeksister is a sweet traditional Afrikaans doughnut infused with syrup. These plaited dough rolls are usually deep fried in oil and then submersed in ice cold sugar syrup; really, really good if you have a very sweet tooth!


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