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27 June 2019

48 hours in Malaga

Culture, history, sunshine and beaches, Malaga has it all. Soak up the sights with the sun on your back, and tick your way through our list of top things to see and do there in just two days.

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24 June 2019

Q&A with Alison - our Italy expert!

For this week's blog post, our Italy expert and Tour Leader Co-ordinator Alison Watt talks to Solos about her infatuation with Italy, where to find the best food and how to live like a true Italian while you're there!

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23 June 2019

Is solo travel fun?

If you've never travelled solo before you're probably wondering what all the fuss is about. We might be biased, but we think travelling independently of your friends, family or partner is pretty fun - and here's why...

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17 June 2019

The best adults-only holidays in the sun

If your idea of the perfect singles holiday is an adults-only one, we can help. With no children to get under your feet, our sophisticated adults-only holidays in the sun give you room to fully relax and enjoy one another's company without distractions. Read on to find out which adults-only holidays we'd recommend...

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12 June 2019

Top 5 places to see in Vietnam

Soaked in history, and boasting some of the most beautiful beaches in south-east Asia, Vietnam is a destination that's ripe for both relaxation and adventure. Planning a trip there? Find out which cities, sights and beaches you simply can't miss...

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03 June 2019

Top 10 Indian street food dishes you need to try

Bursting with flavour, aroma and heat, India's street food is one of the country's star attractions. We spoke to Solos' Marketing Assistant, Neena Seghani, to find out what she recommends you treat your taste-buds to on a tour of India and its street food.

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28 May 2019

5 best places to visit in Norway

Norway is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful countries on Earth. While it's known for its deep fjords that carve through the landscape, it also packs in plenty of fascinating cities, towns and villages that just beg to be explored. Here are five of the best to visit on your travels...

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22 May 2019

Why you should visit Kenya in 2019

Immense herds of wildlife, colourful age-old traditions and palm-fringed beaches extend Kenya's appeal to just about anyone. Here are 7 reasons why you should consider Kenya for your next long-haul holiday.

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