Why Visit Denmark?

Situated between mainland Europe and the rest of Scandinavia, Denmark has preserved a distinct national identity, exemplified by its cherished royal family. Well-known for its cosmopolitan capital, Copenhagen, Denmark is a popular destination to enjoy a city break. Indulge in their delicious cheeses and refreshing Carlsberg or visit the famous Little Mermaid that watches over the harbourfront. The country’s beautiful rolling hills and extensive coastlines attract tourists from around the world.


The Little Mermaid



Discover Denmark

A City Break In Denmark

Denmark is internationally recognised for producing some phenomenal food and drink. From their sizzling bacon and delicious cheeses to their refreshing Carlsberg. Dining out in Denmark is half the fun on a city break! Explore Copenhagen’s history by visiting The Little Mermaid or stroll past the colourful houses that line the streets of Nyhavn beside the picturesque waterfront.

Fun Facts About Denmark

Did you know that the famous Danish pastry was actually created in Vienna, Austria? For this reason, a Danish pastry in Denmark is called a Viennese bread! Denmark is also considered to be one of the happiest countries in the world, so would be the perfect place to visit on a singles cruise.

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