Why Visit Laos?

By far the most laid-back of the Indochina trio, Laos takes life at a slow and leisurely pace and invites its visitors to do the same. Take a boat ride along the River Mekong, which runs along the entire length of the country and be amazed by the greenness of the landscapes you see. Or, if adventure is what you seek, lose yourself in caves, rice-fields, jungles and mountains and relish in the peace and quiet you will undoubtedly find there.


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The Cities & Nature Of Laos

Many of Laos’ major cities and towns don’t feel too far away from nature. Vientiane – the sleepy capital – perfectly encapsulates Laos’ leisurely approach to life, meanwhile the ancient town of Luang Prabang is so beautiful it can trap visitors for weeks. Encircled by waterfalls, lush green mountains, trekking and biking trails, this historically French town offers visitors an irresistible blend of comfort, adventure and spiritual nourishment.

Ancient Culture Of Laos

Landlocked Laos is surprisingly home to around 4,000 islands, meaning you can have a tropical beach holiday at Si Phan Don situated on the Mekong river where you might also be able to spot the endangered Irrawaddy dolphin. Even more mystifying though, is the Xiangkhoang Plateau, known as the Plain of Jars, strewn with thousands of Stone Age jars – archaeologists are still puzzled as to what purpose they serve!

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