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Why Visit Singapore?

Singapore has long been a melting pot of cultures, Chinese, Malay and Indians have all come together on this small island nestled into the tip of the Malay Peninsula. Singapore is considered the world’s easiest place to do business, it is an economic powerhouse, but it's also an epicentre of contemporary art and cutting-edge architecture. Reassuringly though, alongside Singapore’s futuristic buildings you still find colonial gems, Arab bazaars and with all that intact so too is its cultural heartbeat.





Discover Singapore

The Beautiful Singapore Gardens

Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay might be the most iconic but in many ways it is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of its futuristic green spaces – Singapore is ambitiously on its way to becoming the world’s most sustainable city. A walk around the city to the most innovative in green urban designs makes the city of Singapore one of the most inspiring cityscapes in the world.

Fast Facts About Singapore

High-tech Singapore is home to one of the world’s most efficient and widespread public transport systems. It also has 80 skyscrapers and its port is the busiest container shipment hub in the world. This island may be tiny but it is one giant step ahead of the rest of the world!

Our Reviews

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“I’ve been travelling with Solos for nearly 20 years, on and off. The reason is for exactly what you want – you meet like minded people… and have loads of fun!”

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