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Why Visit The Americas?

From the vitality and high-octane excitement of the North American coastlines and cities to the outstanding natural beauty of South America’s rainforests, the Americas never fail to get a solo traveller’s pulse racing. Why not explore the Inca Trail of Peru by climbing Machu Picchu and discovering the Sacred Valley? Home to the most popular attractions, as well as two of the seven wonders of the world, prepare for a lifetime’s worth of exploring in the Americas!



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Why Choose The Americas For Your Solo Adventure?

The Americas are continents of extreme contrasts. Home to some of the largest and most well-known cities in the world, its southern region offers an astounding array of ancient cultures for the solo traveller to discover, experience and enjoy.

Fast Facts About The Americas

The USA is incredible to explore, as not many countries of this size include deserts and cities, as well as tropical and arctic climates all in one place! South America is just as interesting, with beautiful coastal areas and stunning mountain terrains that fill South America with biodiversity.

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