Why Visit The Polar Regions?

The most untouched and unexplored regions on earth, the Arctic and continent of Antarctica are laced with adventure and intrigue. Any solo traveller who journeys here is rewarded with natural wonders beyond belief. Seek out solitary polar bears, breaching whales and emperor penguins and come face-to-face with Mother Nature at her wildest. Join fellow Solos adventurers on a trip to the Arctic, for a once in a lifetime trip that no traveller will ever forget!





Discover The Polar Regions

Discover The Wildlife Of The Polar Region

One of the many reasons travellers visit this part of the world, is for the captivating landscapes and unique wildlife that are found here. The striking polar bears parade around the icebergs, whilst the playful penguins skip around their habitat. Looking to the Arctic Ocean, the majestic whales are perfect to observe on a boat tour which can be found on one of our expeditions! This kind of holiday makes for an unforgettable solos trip and is one to remember.

Explore The Dramatic Landscapes Of The Polar Regions

Something that sticks in most travellers lifelong memories is the spectacular and dramatic landscapes found in the Polar regions. Antarctica offers the single traveller the journey of a lifetime! The trips to be had highlight the contrast between the mountainous terrain, ocean and wildlife that are present on the shores of the Polar regions. Visiting this part of the world is a must for any solo adventurer!

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I was so nervous about embarking on my first Solos Holiday, but I shouldn’t have been – it was the best thing I have ever done!

Wow! Got to see the famous shipwreck beach in Zakynthos with Solos. Can’t wait to discover more of their destinations!

Our tour leader Monica was exceptional! Had such a good time and will be rebooking with Solos. Thanks for a great holiday!

Had the best time with Solos! Discovered beautiful destinations and met some lifelong friends.

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