5 great destinations for your 2022 singles beach holiday

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From the Greek Islands to the UK – our word is full of fantastic beach holiday destinations. Here are 5 of our top singles holidays to some of the most unique beaches in the world…


1. Cyprus

The third-largest Mediterranean island, Cyprus has a great mixture of beautiful beaches, history & nature.

Are you a sunset seeker? Crystal clear water lover? Do you enjoy incredible food? Then Cyprus is a must visit place.

With a total of 69 blue flag awarded beaches (2021), Cyprus has some of the best and most famous beaches in Europe. Home to the clearest waters, Nissi Beach was revealed by TripAdvisor as one of the best beaches in Europe. It stretches for 500 metres, and when the tide is low, it’s possible to wade out to the island just off the coast.

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2. Crete

There are hundreds of reasons to visit Crete – great weather, pristine beaches, delicious food and breath-taking landscapes.

Crete boasts some of the best beaches in Greece, and Balos Lagoon has also been awarded by Trip Advisor as one of the best beaches in the whole of Europe. It’s no surprise, as with 300 days of sunshine a year, almost every day is beach day, so make sure you’re beach bag is with you at all times!

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3. Santorini

Surrounded by turquoise waters, Santorin is cluttered with multi-coloured cliffs, hot-headed volcanoes and stretches of sun-toasted sand. It’s unique blue domes makes it one of the most famous destinations in the world, with stunning viewpoints looking out over the blue waters.

It’s an island full of history, including its volcanic activity. None of which is more apparent than on Perissa Beach. Over many centuries, the molten rock from volcanic eruptions hardened and then eventually broke down to create the uniquely black sand that Santorini is so famous for. Just remember on those hot days to bring your sandals to the beach – the black sand absorbs the heat, making it piping hot to walk on!

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4. Zakynthos

Just off the southwest coast of Greece, Zakynthos is home to beautiful beaches, including the popular Navagio Beach. It’s one of the most photographed beaches on the Greek Islands due to its dramatic cliffs, lush green olive groves and the famous shipwreck that was washed up on the shore in 1983 (giving it the nickname ‘Shipwreck Beach’).

Not only are Zakynthos beaches famous,  you could also find yourself swimming with The Loggerhead turtles in the crystal clear waters. Grab a snorkel as every year between May and August hundreds of them lay their eggs at the souther beaches and you can easily spot them while snorkelling.

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5. Northumberland

You might be surprised to see the UK on this shortlist of best beach holidays, but according to Trip Advisor, Bamburgh Beach in Northumberland is amongst the top best beach is Europe! You don’t always have to travel far for a beach holiday.

Historical sites, vast landscapes and endless sandy beaches – that’s Northumberland! Whilst most people know Bamburgh beach because of its magnificent castle, it’s also wonderful for a summers walk or a relaxing weekend!

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I was so nervous about embarking on my first Solos Holiday, but I shouldn’t have been – it was the best thing I have ever done!

Wow! Got to see the famous shipwreck beach in Zakynthos with Solos. Can’t wait to discover more of their destinations!

Our tour leader Monica was exceptional! Had such a good time and will be rebooking with Solos. Thanks for a great holiday!

Had the best time with Solos! Discovered beautiful destinations and met some lifelong friends.

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