Why Visit Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan’s relatively small number of visitors means that a trip to this ancient Silk route and Eurasian crossroads offers an overwhelming feeling of cultural discovery. Its captivating mix of Islamic tradition and Soviet influence and age-old caravan towns steeped in history all combine to make it a compelling destination, full of eye-opening, rewarding and memorable experiences. See part of the historic Silk Road and enjoy the melting pot of cultures and wonderfully friendly locals that reside here.

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The Historic Silk Road Of Uzbekistan

Many travellers visit Uzbekistan to see part of the historic Silk Road, a succession of ancient routes used by traders and merchants linking the East to the West. The country’s location at the crossroads of several different ancient civilisations leads to an enthralling melting pot of cultures and wonderfully friendly local people.

Welcoming Locals In Uzbekistan

Samarkand Fortress, Bukhara and Khiva’s mosques date back through the ages and are essential stops on any visit to Uzbekistan. The country is a harshly governed police state which manages to remain extremely friendly – you’ll be surprised at how welcomed you are made to feel!

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