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Magnificent Architecture

Marvel at the awe-inspiring architecture

Powerful History

Visit Samarkand, Khiva and Bukhara

Ancient Sights

Journey along part of the ancient Silk Road

About the trip

Join your fellow solo travellers as we journey through Uzbekistan – the land of the ancient Silk Road. This is where the ancient trade route connected China with Europe, and where the cities of Samarkand, Khiva and Bukhara thrived. On this tour, we witness turquoise domes, mesmerising tile designs, red deserts, busy bazaars and towering minarets. From the bustling capital of Tashkent to the immense fortresses of Samarkand and Bukhara, we travel a path which has been trodden by traders and merchants for thousands of years.

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What's this?

What's included

  • Return flights & transfers
  • Airport taxes & charges
  • Rooms for sole use
  • Half board
  • Welcome drink
  • City tour of Tashkent, Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand
  • Visit to the ancient ruins of Shylpyk-Kala, Zoroastrian dakhma and Toprak-Kala in the desert
  • See the summer residence of the last emir of Bukhara
  • Learn about the manufacturing of carpets and silks
  • Visit to Ulugbek Observatory
  • Accompanying Solos Tour Leader
  • Fully financially protected


  • Overnight flight to Uzbekistan
  • Arrive into Tashkent and city tour
  • Fly to Urgench and transfer to Khiva with city tour
  • Visit to ancient ruins in the desert
  • Drive to Bukhara
  • City tour of Bukhara
  • Visit to Bahouddin Nakshbandi mausoleum and Sitorai-Mokhi-Hossa
  • Drive to Samarkand
  • City tour of Samarkand
  • Train to Tashkent
  • Return flight home

What you'll be doing


Overnight flight from the UK

Today we will head to the airport to depart the UK and head to Uzbekistan.


Arrival into Tashkent

This morning we arrive into Tashkent and head to the hotel where we will enjoy breakfast and some time to relax and head out for a city tour of Tashkent. Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan and was one of the main travel and trade hubs on the Silk Road that connected China and Europe. The old city of Tashkent still boasts its traditional ways. The architecture is a contrast to the modern design, a fine example being the metro system in Uzbekistan, which was the first in Central Asia, where each of the 29 stations has a different design.

We also experience the Chorsu Market where we witness the varying colours and bustling atmosphere within the blue domed building. This evening, we head back to the hotel for our first dinner together.

  • Breakfast & Dinner Included.

Transfer to Khiva for a city tour

This morning we have an early start with our transfer to Tashkent Airport to fly to Khiva.

Khiva is one of the most intact Silk Road cities and is essentially an open-air museum. Its narrow streets, colourful minarets, mausoleums, carved ayvans verandas and doors have been perfectly preserved. With giant fortress walls and clay coloured houses, the city resembles a giant sandcastle and is truly a unique place. It’s no surprise that this was central Asia’s first UNESCO World Heritage City.

We have a tour taking us inside the fortress walls and into the Ichan-Kala, which is the inner city, where we will marvel at the architecture where the Khans resided. We also visit the unique Juma Mosque, made entirely out of wood that dates back to the 10th Century. Inside here, we will experience the bazaars which sell many handmade crafts.

We then head back to the hotel for dinner and reflect upon the beauty of Khiva.

  • Breakfast & Dinner Included

Visit the ancient ruins in the desert

After breakfast this morning, we head into the vast desert to visit Shylpyk-Kala, an ancient Zoroastrian Tower of Silence. Thought to be one of the earliest examples of traditional funeral rituals, it is believed that it was constructed somewhere between the 1st Century BCE and 1st Century CE. We also visit the ancient settlement of Toprak-Kala, dating back to the 1st and 5th Century AD. The large fortified palace was discovered in 1938, with many mysteries surrounding who and when it was built. It is known the palace was built on an elevated base, with monumental towers, a temple area with a holy fire. The town itself was divided into streets with several districts. After learning about this fascinating place, we head back to Khiva and enjoy the rest of the day at leisure.

  • Breakfast & Dinner Included

Drive to Bukhara

This morning we drive to Bukhara after breakfast. Back in the day, the route from Khiva to Bukhara would last more than a month, but today, it will take us between 6 and 7 hours travelling through the red desert of Uzbekistan, called the Kyzyl-Kum. During this drive, we stop off at the Amu Darya River, which supports the lives of millions of people in this land-locked country.

  • Breakfast & Dinner Included

City tour of Bukhara

Today we enjoy a tour of the medieval city of Bukhara, located on the Silk Road and more than 2000 years old, making it amongst one of the oldest cities in Central Asia. The city is a fine example of pre-Russian Uzbekistan.

On the tour, we witness the Ark – a spectacular town within a town where, for centuries, it was the residence of the emirs of Bukhara. Another prominent landmark is the Kalon Minaret, which has stood for almost nine centuries, and the Kalan Mosque – the heart of Bukhara. The minaret was built in 1127 and at the time was probably the tallest building in Central Asia.

  • Breakfast & Dinner Included

Visit to Bahouddin Nakshband mausoleum and Sitori-i-Mokhi Khosa

Today we venture out of Bukhara, to the village of Kasri Orifon. We visit one of the most important shrines, the birthplace and tomb of Khazreti Mohammed Bakhauddin Nakhshbandi the founder of the most influential of many ancient Sufi orders in Central Asia, and Bukhara’s unofficial ‘patron saint’. The shrine is full of superstitions, and is a place pilgrims circle, kiss and pray in front of the tombstone.

We will also head to Sitori-i-Mokhi Khosa Palace where the last emirs of Bukhar would reside in the summer. Here we will see European influences in the design and décor in the luxurious interiors, colourful tile work and courtyards.

  • Breakfast & Dinner Included

Drive to Samarkand

After breakfast this morning, we transfer by coach to Samarkand (approximately 4 hours 3o minutes). On this journey, we will stop off at Gijduvan, which since ancient times, has been known as a craft and trade centre. The city has a distinct style where the craftsman apply a unique turquoise blue to the pottery they make. After visiting the ceramics museum, we will continue on our way.

  • Breakfast & Dinner Included

City tour of Samarkand

Samarkand is one of the the most important cities that lay on the Silk Road, acting as a cross road of world cultures and trade. It is also one of the oldest cities in the world, being founded around the 7th Century BC. A main reason for a visit to Samarkand is to witness the stunning Islamic architecture of its mosques and mausloeums.

We will enjoy a tour of Samarkand, visiting places such as Registan Square. The awe-inspiring square was the commercial square of medieval Samarkand and back then, was more than likely wall to wall with bazaars. The three tall medressas have stood the test of time, surviving frequent earthquakes. We will also visit the Gur-e-Amir Mausoleum, the beautiful resting place of Timur and other family members. The attention to detail of the tile work is something to admire. One of the highlights of the tour will be the Shah-i-Zinda, which has stunning avenues of mausoleums, with some of the best tile work in the Muslim world.

  • Breakfast & Dinner Included
DAY 10

Train to Tashkent

Today, we visit a carpet factory and Ulugbek Observatory, which was built in the 1420s, destroyed in 1449 but then rebuilt in 1908.

We then make our way the the train station of Samarkand and board the train to Tashkent (approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes) where we will spend a final dinner with our fellow travellers and share stories and photographs of our experiences of the Silk Road.

  • Breakfast & Dinner Included
DAY 11

Flight back to the UK

Today we will have our final breakfast and make our way to the airport for our flight back to the UK.

  • Breakfast Included


Hotels on this tour:

On this multi-centre tour we will stay at the following:

  • Tashkent – Wyndham Tashkent
  • Khiva – Asia Khiva or similar
  • Bukhara – Asia Bukhara or similar
  • Samarkand – Arba / Wellfort Hotel or similar
  • Tashkent – Wyndham Tashkent

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