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The places to be in November

The winter is setting in, with the cool breeze snapping at our heels. But we solo travellers have other ideas—unique singles holidays to wrap up or chase the sun. Solos Holidays has options for the snow bunnies, the water babies and the sun worshippers. So take your pick…it’s all yours.

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The countries to visit this November


Canary Islands

Winter sun escapism at its finest. This place, where rough jagged terrains meet pristine aqua marine waters, is somewhat of a natural paradox. Crayola-crayon architecture, moody sands and snorkel territory, that old world charm reels us in every time.


Aurora chasing after dark and peak climbing at first light, Iceland is peppered with natural spectacles. Exploding geysers, ancient volcanoes, thundering waterfalls and pastel blue lagoons give us those other-worldly feels, like you’ve crossed galaxies rather than oceans.


With medieval castles, unspoilt villages, winding coastlines and rolling hillsides, it’s easy to see why the old-fashioned charm is a draw. 300 days of sunshine a year. Culinary marvels. Sandy beaches with dramatic backdrops. Portugal is a sensation.

Costa Rica

The tropics – where pure shores meet life under the canopy, for high octane jungle adventures, diverse wildlife encounters of the rainforest kind and the city beat of San Jose. From active volcanoes, to the freshwater lagoons, to the mesmerising waterfalls, this is nature in its purest form.


City life in Vietnam is a vintage vespa dashing culture-rich oasis, transporting you from the temples to the palaces, to some of the most incredible food experiences in Southeast Asia. Saunter through coastal towns where pure white sand and azure shores are commonplace, and cruise along the surreal and otherworldly beauty of Halong Bay.

Our Reviews

“I’m sure you will enjoy it, I have been on three solos holidays to date and the people I’ve met have been great.”

“I’ve been travelling with Solos for nearly 20 years, on and off. The reason is for exactly what you want – you meet like minded people… and have loads of fun!”

“I’ve been on loads of trips with Solos over the years and can honestly say you will not regret booking your 1st one!”

“The feeling you have once you go away on your own is worth all the nerves before! I was so very anxious the first time but now having done it 4 times, I love it!”


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