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Over 17,000 islands, which stretch 5,000km across the equator, make up Indonesia. It's a diverse, tropical paradise with an almost infinite potential for adventure and the world’s largest island nation. There are blissful beaches washed by turquoise shores, active volcanoes, dense jungles full of wildlife, tribes and cascades, this idyllic archipelago's landscape is as diverse as anywhere on the planet. Beyond the largest islands and capital Jakarta, fantastically diverse cultures and customs have evolved, just waiting to be explored.





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The Golden Beaches & Rice Fields Of Indonesia

In spite of being the 4th most populous nation in the world, Indonesia is one of the greenest countries, with 51% forest it is home to unique wildlife like orangutans and Komodo dragons. The possibilities for adventure are endless, you could search for Sumatran tigers, pygmy tarsiers or Javan rhinos, scale a volcano or go diving in the unrivalled Coral Triangle. Last but not least, there’s an endless wealth of beaches and temples to explore, Indonesia’s islands offer the perfect balance between relaxation and adventure.

Fast Facts About Indonesia

Indonesia has around 127 active volcanoes, including Krakatoa which famously erupted in 1883 producing one of the loudest sounds in history, rupturing the eardrums of people over 40 miles away and sending out cataclysmic tidal waves. Bali’s Gunung Aguang is another active volcano, often seen majestically framed by the Balinese Hindu temple, Lempuyang, otherwise known as the ‘gates of heaven’.

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