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Why Visit Belgium?

Belgium is arguably most famous for its comfort food creations and on every street corner you will discover frothy beers, delicious chocolates and crispy waffles. Characterised by quaint cobbled streets and churches that ooze grace and grandeur, Belgium's towns and cities are something from a fairytale! From Belgian’s mouth-watering gastronomy to its innovative art scene, beautiful architecture and wide selection of shops—it's no surprise that it is a popular spot for the solo traveller.



City Breaks

Art Galleries

Discover Belgium

Taste The Culture of Belgium

The charismatic cities of Bruges, Brussels and Antwerp are popular city break destinations and are the perfect places for a solo traveller to explore. See the Grand Palace in the old town of Brussels, stroll down the canals and cobbled streets to the Belfry of Bruges or simply pop to the Christmas markets in Antwerp.

A Little Fact About Belgium

Did you know that Belgium shares a land border with four other countries: France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. As a result, they have three official languages spoken in Belgian: Flemish, Dutch and French, with a small proportion even speaking German! However, it is worth noting that all Belgians speak English extremely well.

Holidays to Belgium

Our Reviews

“I’m sure you will enjoy it, I have been on three solos holidays to date and the people I’ve met have been great.”

“I’ve been travelling with Solos for nearly 20 years, on and off. The reason is for exactly what you want – you meet like minded people… and have loads of fun!”

“I’ve been on loads of trips with Solos over the years and can honestly say you will not regret booking your 1st one!”

“The feeling you have once you go away on your own is worth all the nerves before! I was so very anxious the first time but now having done it 4 times, I love it!”


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