The places to be in August


As the summer heat takes hold, we’re looking to cool off somewhere new. For a unique experience tailored for the single traveller. So dust off normal life in favour of a sun-soaked solo escape with Solos—and never look back.


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The countries to visit this August



Here you’ll find the simple life. With crystal-clear waters that give the Caribbean a run for their money, the beaches are a wonder all on their own. But it’s what lies beyond the stunning coastlines that sparkles brightest of all. Locals with open arms, kind hearts and big characters. They share their traditions so beautifully, connecting us to moments we’ll never forget.


The cuisine. The culture. The architecture. All so very chic, charming and overindulgent. And indulge we do. Archaeological journeys through ancient cities, winding street strolls through enchanting towns and vineyards as far as the eye can see.


Travel through the origin of the Amazon, immersing yourself in the sights and sounds of rainforest life. Tree-top ventures, architecture of Inca origin and temple ruins, uncover the hidden corners of the Sacred Valley and explore the Lost City of Machu Picchu. A South American adventure through and through.


Picturesque coastlines, lush green countryside and cities steeped in history. All on our doorstep, and often overlooked. But the UK has a certain charm, and we are transfixed. Stroll over the town cobbles, look out to sea or walk in areas of outstanding natural beauty.


A captivating Indonesian gem, that shines differently every time you look at it. Dance to the Balinese beat, a place as steeped in natural beauty as it is culture. The deeply embedded spiritualism can be felt at every twist and turn. From its sacred temples, to its magnificent lush rice terraces, and the turquoise waters lapping at the golden sands.

Our Reviews

“I’m sure you will enjoy it, I have been on three solos holidays to date and the people I’ve met have been great.”

“I’ve been travelling with Solos for nearly 20 years, on and off. The reason is for exactly what you want – you meet like minded people… and have loads of fun!”

“I’ve been on loads of trips with Solos over the years and can honestly say you will not regret booking your 1st one!”

“The feeling you have once you go away on your own is worth all the nerves before! I was so very anxious the first time but now having done it 4 times, I love it!”


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