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3 minute read

Bali and beaches go hand in hand. This Indonesian island is where all serious beach-lovers go, where the search for sparkling white sand and azure waters comes to a close. If you’re thinking of going, here are the five best beaches in Bali you need to know about.

In Bali, there’s a beach for everyone: surfer, sun-worshipper, party-goer or recluse.

Since the hit film, Eat Pray Love, hit our screens and simultaneously won our hearts in 2010, Bali has soared in popularity – and for good reason. Beyond its postcard-worthy beaches and magical temples, Bali embodies virtually every kind of natural beauty, with mountainous areas and lush rice fields nudging shoulders with gorgeous waterfalls and gushing rivers.

Still, the beaches remain Bali’s star attraction. To help you find the very best stretches of sand on your Bali beach holiday, we’ve gathered together five of the best beaches in Bali you really can’t miss.

1. Kuta beach

A must-visit for surfers in the south of the island, Kuta’s most popular Bali beach is a haven for holidaymakers seeking a bustling beach and a buzzing atmosphere.

Surfing lessons are cheap here and the waves are ginormous, but if surfing’s not your scene there are plenty of places to sit down, grab a beer and watch everyone else have a go!

Being close to the airport makes this Bali beach a popular stopping point for tourists at the start or end of their holiday. It’s also backed by rows of well-known restaurants and lively bars, offering the perfect place to refresh after a long day in the sun.

Kuta beach in Bali

2. Sanur beach

Situated a mere 20-minute drive from Kuta beach and less than half an hour from the aiport, Sanur beach is attached to a former fishing village that’s managed to retain a relaxed coastal ambience, having clung onto its traditional charm and culture.

The waters of this Bali beach are protected by a long string of offshore reefs, creating large, shallow and safe lagoons that are perfectly clear and excellent for swimming in. You can even rent a snorkel and explore life beneath the waves, or take part in an array of watersports.

Sanur is also a great place to walk. The streets are relatively quiet, and there is an attractive, paved beachfront path which runs the whole length of the district.

Sanur beach in Bali

3. Seminyak beach

Also nestled in the south of the island, Seminyak beach is home to scores of restaurants and clubs, and a wealth of creative, designer shops and galleries.

World-class hotels line the dynamic, sandy beach, and what a beach it is – as wide as Kuta’s but ever so slightly quieter.

While the nightlife here isn’t as lively as you’d find in nearby Kuta, this Bali beach is known for its beach bars where you can sip a cocktail with your toes in the sand, and watch the smouldering sun sink into the sea: paradise!

Seminyak beach in Bali

4. Padang Padang beach

Sitting on the very southern tip of Bali, this small beach rose to fame through a scene in Eat Pray Love.

Popular with surfers and sunbathers, it’s an easy daytrip from the livelier beaches and resorts of the south, and a handful of hotels and a couple of cafés are perched on the cliffs nearby.

The gigantic waves are distant, so swimming is safe. Take a dip in the shallow waters after a morning of drinking in some Vitamin D on the beach’s soft, golden sands.

Padang Padang beach in Bali

5. Pemuteran beach

For some of the best snorkelling on the island of Bali, head to Pemuteran beach, located on the north-west coast.

It’s home to the biggest shallow-reef area on the island, with seas calm enough to reassure even the most nervous of swimmers.

Whether you’re a diver, snorkeler or swimmer, this is the place to be if you want to catch a glimpse of some wildlife. Look out for sea turtles, giant clams, manta rays – and if you’re really lucky, the ocean’s biggest fish: the whale shark!

Pemuteran beach in Bali

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