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Please see below information on what you need to do to comply with the entry requirements for the country you’re travelling to, and for your return to the UK.

The list of green, amber and red countries, as defined by the UK government’s traffic light system, will be reviewed every three weeks.

What You Need to Do to Travel

1. Check entry requirements for your holiday destination

Whether you need to fill out a form or get tested before your holiday – plus, more importantly, the point in time at which you need to do this – all depends on the destination you’re travelling to. To help, we’ve put together a handy table:

Check your holiday destination entry requirements here >>

You’ll find a full list of all of the latest country-specific information on testing and entry requirements on the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office website. We’ve also included quick links to the countries we’re operating to further down on this page.

If you do require testing before you travel, we can help you with that.

Find out how we can help you with Covid-19 testing >>

2. Check requirements for re-entering the UK

What you need to do in preparation for coming back to the UK from your holiday destination depends on which UK country you’re a resident in, and whether you’re travelling back from a green or amber country. We’ve put together a table to help you understand which forms you’ll need to fill in and which tests you’ll need to take before you travel back to the UK.

Check your UK entry requirements now >>

You should:

3. Purchase your test package

Check with Quered which test package you will require and if you need to source extra Covid-19 tests. You can of course always arrange your own Covid-19 tests if you prefer. Should you wish to use Quered, our discount code is LONGTRAVEL10.

Purchase your Covid-19 tests >>

4. Sign-up for FCDO alerts

We strongly advise that you sign up to receive FCDO email alerts so you can automatically receive any important travel advice updates and travel requirements for the destinations you want to know about.

You should regularly check in the run up to your holiday the FCDO website, our entry requirements checklist and also our entry requirements checklist for returning to the UK. We recommend that you make a note to check these websites at least two weeks before your travel date to allow time for changes if necessary.

Sign up to receive FCDO alerts >>

5. Check your passport validity

If you’re travelling to the EU, your passport must have at least six months left on it and must be less than 10 years old.

It is worth noting that it can take up to 10 weeks to renew your passport, so it’s best to check the expiration date as early as possible to avoid a delay to your holiday.

If your passport needs renewing, you can do this here >>

6. Complete any pre-departure tests and forms and make sure you are prepared for your return home

The COVID-19 forms and tests you need to complete will vary depending on the destination you’re travelling to and the UK country you’re a resident in. Make sure you check the entry requirements for your destination, as well as requirements for re-entering the UK before you travel. And, make a note of the days on which you need to complete your COVID-19 tests and forms – this is very important.

Find out how we are helping with Covid-19 testing >>

You should:

FCDO Quick Links to the Website

Please see below direct links to the country-specific pages on the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office website, where you’ll find all of the latest information on entry requirements for the countries we’re currently operating to.

Solos Destinations on the UK Green List 

UK – Jersey 

Not subject to the UK traffic light system.


FCDO travel advice and entry requirements >>


FCDO travel advice and entry requirements >>


FCDO travel advice and entry requirements >>


FCDO travel advice and entry requirements >>


FCDO travel advice and entry requirements >>

Solos Destinations on the UK Amber List 

Greece – Selected Islands

FCDO travel advice and entry requirements >>

Spain – Selected Islands

FCDO travel advice and entry requirements >>


FCDO travel advice and entry requirements >>

St. Lucia

FCDO travel advice and entry requirements >>


FCDO travel advice and entry requirements >>

Balearic Islands

FCDO travel advice and entry requirements >>

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I’m on holiday and I’m then required to self-isolate?

You will be required to comply with local regulations that will be advised by staff in the resort.

What happens if I test positive for Covid-19 in the resort?

If you test positive in your destination before you’re due to return home to the UK, you’ll need to inform our team, plus your hotel and your insurance company. You’ll then need to follow the specific procedures in place at your hotel. These vary from destination to destination and may include the need to self-isolate in a medical facility or your hotel room. You also won’t be able to travel home until you’ve had a COVID-19 test that comes back negative.

What happens if I have to quarantine or self-isolate when I return home or if I have a booking to a red list country?

We won’t be operating to any destinations on the red list, which requires you to quarantine in a hotel on your return. If you’ve got a holiday booked to a destination on the red list, you’ll be able to change your booking to another date or request a full refund.

If – before you depart – we know you’ll have to self-isolate at home on your return, you’ll have the option to change your holiday to another date or destination, as we don’t expect you to do this, but your booking won’t be cancelled.

My destination requires me to prove I’ve been twice vaccinated – how can I do this? 

If you live in England and have been fully vaccinated, you will be able to demonstrate your COVID-19 vaccination status through the NHS app to be able to enter some countries.

If you do not reside in England you will need to follow your own country’s travel advice.

Visit the FCDO website for guidance on how to do this >>

What happens if I travel to an amber list country and it changes to the green list whilst I’m away? 

If you’re on holiday in a destination on the UK traffic light system’s amber list and the UK government decides to move it to the green list while you’re there, your entry requirements into the UK will change to those required for a green destination as long as the change comes into effect on or before the day you return to the UK.

Do I need to be vaccinated to be able to travel? 

You may have read about vaccine certificates and the possibility that some airlines, hotels or countries may require proof that you’ve been vaccinated before you travel. If this is introduced after you’ve made your booking and you’re not able to travel due to this requirement, you will be able to change your booking for free. We can confirm that you do not need to be vaccinated to travel – unless you’re travelling to a destination that requires you to be vaccinated as an entry requirement.
Some countries however, do not require you to provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test as part of their entry requirements if you have been fully vaccinated. You can find current entry requirements including vaccinating and testing on the FCDO website for the country you’re travelling to, as well as signing up for email alerts for instant travel updates for your holiday destination. Guidance is also available for how to show your vaccination status when travelling.

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