One of our biggest priorities is to make testing as easy and affordable as possible for you. Check this page regularly for all the latest on how we can help you with testing. We also recommend you sign up for FCDO travel advice email alerts, so you can automatically receive the latest travel requirements and travel advice updates for the destinations you wish to hear about.

Testing Packages that are Government Approved

We’re doing everything we can to help you with testing, for both your journey to and from your holiday destination. We’ve provided you with some links below to some testing providers that are reliable and of great value. The information is provided below should you wish to use their services. Please ensure that you verify with your chosen supplier that the test will satisfy the requirements for the destination you are travelling to and that the supplier can comply with the strict timescales you will have to adhere to. We cannot be held responsible for any third-party suppliers’ delay or otherwise failure to provide a suitable test result.

COVID-19 Testing

You no longer need to take any COVID-19 tests when returning to the UK or after you arrive in the UK. This will apply whether you are full vaccinated or not. You might still need to have a negative Antigen Test (lateral flow) or PCR test for specific destinations.  

A Selection of Companies offering COVID-19 Tests

Randox Project Screen Chronomics Living Care

Our Reviews

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