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If you’re craving your next sun fix and want to know where’s hot, read our short holiday weather guide to find out the best destinations for a sun-kissed escape, whatever the time of year. You can thank us later!

When choosing your next warm holiday, the most important question you’ll no doubt be asking is: where’s hot?

After all, whilst an interesting culture, beautiful beaches, stunning scenery and iconic sights are important, a holiday is nothing without some heat. To help you out, we’ve put together a month-by-month holiday weather guide, so you know all the best Solos destinations to visit for your sun, sea and sand escape.

Where’s hot from January – March?

Canary Islands

Highest average temperature: 22°C

Notorious for their guaranteed winter sun, the islands of Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Gomera and Tenerife are perfect for getting your sun, sea and sand fix in the early part of the year. Travel here >>

Highest average temperature: 24°C

Known as the capital of the Red Sea Riviera, and blessed with a long, sandy beach and irresistibly azure waters, Hurghada’s balmy winter temperatures attract many tourists looking for a winter holiday outside of Europe.
Travel here >>


Highest average temperature: 30°C

Winter is the best time to visit India, with hot temperatures and little rain. Saturated with smells, sounds and unforgettable sights, this is a country that will amaze you from the moment you step foot there. Travel here >>


Highest average temperature: 26°C

An ancient Mayan legacy, powder-white beaches, steaming jungles and vibrant cities: Mexico never fails to mesmerise its visitors. From impossibly blue waterfalls and dramatic canyons to azure shores, it’s also swamped with outstanding natural beauty. Travel here >>

Dominican Republic

Highest average temperature: 30°C

There are few places more idyllic than the Caribbean for a sun-kissed winter holiday, and the Dominican Republic definitely delivers when it comes to sugary-white beaches, swaying palms and a laidback vibe. Travel here >>


Highest average temperature: 21°C

Beaches might not first spring to mind when you think of Morocco, but the coastal resort of Agadir in the south gets some good winter sun throughout the early part of the year. The beach here is wide and sandy – a great spot to soak up the African sunshine. Travel here >>


Highest average temperature: 28°C

Immense herds of wildlife, colourful age-old traditions, vast savannahs, mesmerising sunsets and a slice of idyllic coastline: Kenya is the perfect destination for an African winter sun holiday. Travel here >>

Where’s hot from April – June?


Highest average temperature: 28°C

Indonesia’s most famous island, Bali is what we all imagine when we think of the perfect island escape. White-sand beaches, ornate hillside temples, emerald rice paddies and dramatic volcanoes combine to make Bali’s landscape nothing short of magical. Travel here >>

North Cyprus

Highest average temperature: 25°C

The northern Turkish-division of Cyprus is blessed with empty beaches, sleepy villages and archaeological ruins, making it the perfect place for escaping the crowds. Travel here >>


Highest average temperature: 25°C

Beat the crowds by discovering Croatia’s diversity during springtime, while still enjoying temperatures in the early 20s. Blessed with over 1,800km of glorious coastline, this Balkan beauty is truly a beach-lover’s paradise. Travel here >>


Highest average temperature: 24°C

The sunny Spanish island of Mallorca boasts perfect holiday weather conditions in the months approaching summer, with plenty of gorgeous beaches to match. What’s more, it’s also the ideal temperature to explore the island’s mountainous and coastal scenery on foot. Travel here >>



Highest average temperature: 25°C

Come June, the weather in Bulgaria begins to hot up, while the remnants of spring have left the landscape lush and thriving. Adorned with lakes, forests, mountains, meadows and caves, it’s the perfect playground for outdoorsy types. Travel here >> 

Where’s hot from July – September?


Highest average temperature: 27°C

The summer may be the busiest time to visit Italy, but for good reason. From the vibrant city of Rome, beautiful Venice and culture-rich Bologna to the undiscovered region of Umbria, and beautiful beaches aplenty, there’s so much to see and do on an Italian summer break. Travel here >>

The UK

Highest average temperature: 24°C

Our own country has been hotting up in recent years, with temperatures reaching as high as 35°C. This has made it more tempting than ever before to book a cultural city break, walking holiday or coastal escape somewhere closer to home. Travel here >>

Greek Islands

Highest average temperature: 27°C

Every inch of the Greek islands oozes complete relaxation and utter paradise. With over 200 idyllic islands to choose from, including Santorini, Corfu, Zakynthos and Crete, you could visit a different island every year and still not get bored! Travel here >>


Highest average temperature: 20°C

Although rich in culture and breathtaking natural beauty, Romania is perhaps best-known for Transylvania’s spooky Bran Castle and the vibrant cities of Bucharest and Braşov. As fascinating as these urban centres are, however, Romania’s true charm lies in its remoter regions, where picturesque monasteries and traditional villages still pepper the landscape. Travel here >>


Highest average temperature: 20°C

The heart of summer is the perfect time to visit Ukraine. Witness the vast, unspoilt landscape that sits away from the hustle and bustle of Kiev and Lyiv at its most beautiful, while discovering Ukraine’s rich culture, turbulent history and colourful traditions. Travel here >>


Highest average temperature: 26°C

A land steeped in tradition, religion and ancient tales, Israel is an intriguing place to spend your summer holiday. Spend some time in the vibrant capital of Tel Aviv, float in the Dead Sea and explore the ancient walls and pathways of Nazareth and Jerusalem. Travel here >>


Highest average temperature: 20°C

Georgia’s landscapes during summertime are a sight to behold. Emerald green valleys, clusters of vineyards and well-preserved ancient villages nestle amongst snow-capped mountains: as you can imagine, the scenery here is second to none. Travel here >>

Where’s hot from October – December?


Highest average temperature: 27°C

What better way to escape the dreary British winter than to jet off on an exotic adventure to Japan? Gaze up at the blinking lights of Tokyo, ride the famous Bullet Train and discover traditional villages that seem frozen in time.
Travel here >>


Highest average temperature: 27°C

When you picture paradise, there’s a good chance you’re thinking of Antigua. A tiny island in the Caribbean tailormade for complete relaxation, it’s here that you’ll find some of the world’s most postcard-worthy beaches. Travel here >>

Sri Lanka

Highest average temperature: 30°C

Sri Lanka’s unparalleled beauty and scorching temperatures make it the perfect winter sun destination. A place where emerald tea plantations nudge shoulders with timeless ruins, rustling rainforests and white-sand beaches, it’s also home to an abundance of wildlife including elephants, crocodiles and monkeys. Travel here >>


Highest average temperature: 24°C

Soaked in history, and boasting some of the most beautiful beaches in Asia and the Indian Ocean, Vietnam is a destination that should be on every traveller’s bucket list. Travel here >>


Highest average temperature: 22°C

Home to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Petra and a section of the Dead Sea, Jordan is a fascinating country to spend your winter sun break. Lively modern cities nudge shoulders with ancient streets, making it every traveller’s Holy Grail. Travel here >>


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